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Super Visa Timeline -- Islamabad, Pakistan

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by ZU, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. 70 days to get a final decision that is, your medical request should not take that long, final decision should.
  2. Nothing!
  3. Very disappointing guys. My wife is expecting next week, and I sent a letter from her physician with the application. I think I will have to manage everything myself now ???

    By the way I wanted to to give some piece of advice. If you think that your parents are not arriving in the expected time, please let the insurance company know and change the start date of insurance. My insurance broker told me that I need to inform him about the situation (date change) before the start date of the insurance begins.

    Keep us all updated.
  4. Most of the canadian consulates through out the world are taking 1 to 2 weeks of processing time for a TRV. But CHC Islamabad takes 70 business days or 14 weeks .

    If Jason K. says it will take 8 weeks to process a Super Visa I think he is referring to consulate who are processing cases in 1 to 2 weeks time. So for CHC Islamabad you can multiply this 8 weeks time by 2 to 3 times???

    I am following another post and some guy who has applied for a TRV in the last week of november is still waiting to hear back from CHC.. So you can imagine.....
  5. They cannot hog some ones passport for 6 months, unless and until we pakistanis dont pester them with inquires and questions in CHC islamabad their processing time will keep going up. As far as Jason K. is concerned, he is an out right liar when it comes to pakistani cases.
  6. Assalam u alaikum,

    I have to apply for my father for super visa. He has never applied for Canada before but 2 rejections for US visit visa. I am not sure if that would be of any concern. We will still and see what happens.

    Did anyone's parents or grand parents got medical yet from Islamabad? I suppose once consulate send you medical that means visa is clear but pending medical. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    I hope successful people would be posting their experience or anyone they know who was successful.

  7. yaar bolo, kuch to bolo
  8. Hello Guys,

    I have sent an enquiry email for the status update. A confirmation email from them says it should take upto 15 days to get back.

    Let's see what they have to say.
  9. I posted the following query on another forum but no one is interested in replying. Can my Pakistani friends shed some light on this??????

    I applied for my mother in law's super visa in Islamabad 14th Feb. I am currently employed full time faculty at a Canadian public sector University. My income level easily exceeds the LICO threshold. But the problem is that I got emplyed in August 2011 (ie. 7 months ago) and before that I was a student, which means that I had minimal or no income before August 2011. I am afraid that If I have to provide proof for income for the 12 months preceeding the application, I will not be able to reach LICO level. I have provided the CHC with an employment letter from the university (my employer) which confirms my employment as full time faculty and my annual income. I hope they will accept it as it comes from a government funded university. But if they ask for 12 month income preceeding the application, I will be doomed. What are your thoughts on this?
  10. No worry, If you provided the Employment letter (which is ONE of required and accepted to check the LICO level). But As we people sent appication to Islamabad CHC....just pray!
  11. It is shocking that you havent gotten even a medical yet, I believe it has been 75 calender days since you sent your application?
  12. I think you are good. Nothing to worry. I have also submitted my employment letter and it should suffice.
  13. My feeling is that the time to review an application, whether it is a TRV or Super Visa is the same. Then for super visa, we will have to wait additional time to go through the medical and then resubmit the passport for visa.

    Looking at this timeline, I am really getting stressed out. The discrimination against our Country is clearly visible. I wish we could do something.....
  14. I agree with you. Not even discrimination against us (Canadians) but unfortunately Canadians (Govt) violating basic human rights of its own people.

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