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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by kissyaman, May 1, 2010.

  1. A very nice thought sis.. thankyou..... ;) ;) ;)
  2. hi mga sis..how do you activate the e-cas tracker?? sorry po newbie lng ako...iba pa ba yan dun sa check application status sa cic.gc.ca? thanks po! :)
  3. same po yun sis MaRiPoSa
  4. oh ic..thought its different..:p thanks!
  5. Super like... ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
  6. SUPER LIKE ;)
  7. CONGRATS DORSIANA!!!..yung fiesta nyo parang naghanda narin kayo sa pagkatanggap mo nang Visa..heheheh...meron ka na bang successor ng Chart?...ako meron nang na kontrata..hehehehehe
  8. This is for everybody to read and understand each others problem and ideas
    please do not write in Philipine language
  9. Im sorry but nobody can tell us not to write in our own language since this thread is titled "SPOUSE / FAMILY CLASS timeline MANILA Visa Office PHILIPPINES"...if you have some questions you can post it here in English and we will surely reply your post in English too...just saying

  10. Hi nester,
    Same tayo ng situation, d pa rin PR missis ko, kaninang Am nakatanggap na siya ng letter for interview at nakalagay yung amount na i-prepare niya para sa babayaran, sinabi ko rin sa kanya na yun nga magbayad na siya pero d niya alam kung pano kasi pag nagbayad daw siya sa bank eh mayroon daw yun parang barcode sa papel na babayaran niya na ibibigay sa bank, d ko ganu rin magets hehe pero tama naman yun dahil matagal ko na nababasa d2 sa tread regarding jan sa RPRF na yan pero d ko lang kasi alam sa situation natin na d pa PR ang relative natin, balitaan mo naman ako if nakapagbayad na siya at kung panu...Thank you so much...masaya ako kasi mayroon ng letter for interview niya at isa pa yung date of interview niya is mismong B-day pa niya hehe....Thanks God sa lahat ng pagkakataon...
  11. @pilipino
    links courtesy of @redtag.
    yung last link for financial inst./ pag sa online ka nagbayad hihintayin mo uli na madeliver yung receipt kaya mas matagal daw
  12. EXCUSE ME rajsitha!!![​IMG] I'd just want to quote "SPOUSE / FAMILY CLASS timeline MANILA Visa Office [size=15pt]PHILIPPINES[/size]".... everybody has a free will to post anything what they want to say as long as we understand each other and NOBODY can tell us not to post a Filipino dialect here...as what Sis Sideangel said...if there are queries here in English we respond to it in English too....we're always treat people here fairly whatever their races...and lasty pls quote this words "WE RESPECT ONE ANOTHER!"...Thanks anyway for visiting this thread and become interested!
  13. Seriously?? This thread is very specific for MANILA, PHILIPPINES, you are welcome to post questions and we can answer it the best we can but please do not tell us how to or what to write here. If you are bothered by us speaking in our native language then why come to our thread anyway? I'm sure your country have your own thread who speak your own language but if u don't, then why don't you start your own thread and do with it as you please instead of trying to tell people what to do.
  14. i paid my study permit online. onxe na mabayaran mo na at complete na yung process it will redirect u to another website were ucan print the receipt with barcode. 2
    pprint mo one is ur copy and the other sa immigration. iy dint take long. monutes lang. as per my sponsorship i ordred the receipts. 3 days lang dumating na. they only deliver witthin canada. so .
  15. @blestcheche

    by the way did you use that same link for online as shown in @redtags post? the confusion is all over the land!!! hahaha. I tried to open that but it says transaction timed out. I can only guess that it will only work if your ip-address is in canada. I did not continue/retry because i was not ready to make an order anyway.

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