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Spousal sponsorship

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Leon, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. I believe they stopped accepting Skilled Workers apps July 1st...
  2. Send it to them in writing. I would FAX it and then physically mail it to them. Include your file number and sign it. Send it via a mechanism that allows you to confirm they received it.

    The online case inquiry system is very unreliable, as is e-mail. Don't trust them.
  3. Re: Spousal sponsorship - Open work permit

    • I'm principal applicant - South African
    • my wife is sponsor - born Canadian
    • Family class: Spouse sponsorship
    • Married in South Africa in 2009, no kids, not pregnant
    • Currently in Canada in Ontario
    • I have a work permit linked to my company and not able to change jobs. I arrived on a inter company transfer in Sept 2010 and did not need a LMO prior to my work permit/work visa
    • I will submit my PR application in the next week or so (yes I procrastinated)
    • My wife is a student and will likely finish her studies around December 2012. Depending on where she gets a job we may need to move location which will leave me without work unless I get PR or open work permit by that time.
    • Applying Inland

    • Which form do i submit for open work permit
    • which tick box(es) do i check if it is in fact IMM 5710 (remember I might change jobs)
    • How much attention do they pay to letters or notes submitted together with my application? some people have suggested submitting the open work permit application together with the PR application but put a note saying they should not process the open work permit until AIP received for the PR
    • what are your thoughts on amount of supporting information to submit to prove we have a real relationship? what have people been doing? screen shots of facebook posts with friends' "like"s, photos of wedding, honeymoon, computer chat and phone records, I mean the list can go on into infinity? is there a quick and dirty checklist of these things?

    Thank you for your thoughts on this...
  4. Re: Spousal sponsorship - Open work permit

    Are you applying outland? If so, you will not be able to apply for an open work permit.
  5. Re: Spousal sponsorship - Open work permit

    No as mentioned I'm applying inland.

    Thanks for your input!
  6. Re: Spousal sponsorship - Open work permit

    From what you have written have you looked at inland vs outland? I do not know your Visa Office, but inland for just the 1st step is really long and you have no chance of appeal. It could be faster applying outland and as your wife may relocate after school, you only get a work permit afte 11 months inland. Just a thought again you may have more information
  7. Hi,
    I have sent an application for my husband who currently resides in USA on his H1 Visa. Because he has been there for over a year we had requested the application be processed through the Buffalo office. However when I got my sponsor approval they said the file has been transferred to New Delhi (he is a citizen of India). Is this a problem because the forms were completed for USA. Also where will he have to send his passport? Any help is appreciated.
    Thank You!
  8. I can't answer your first question. (Hopefully someone else will be able to help.)

    The passport will have to be delivered to New Delhi for visa stamping.
  9. hi i have a question...i have been looking at all the requirements and im still confused heres my story
    im a canadian citizen married to a a syrian...i was living in syria with him up until begining of this year due to everything thats going on now im here i have 2 kids both born in canada, my husband is in saudia arabia since he has residency there but its really hard being apart especially with children any one can give me any advice, like should i have him apply for a visitor then get him to stay here or should i wait to apply for sponsorship to be approved i havent done anything yet so i just got a parttime job to show my income. also since the embassy in syria is closed syrians have been going to lebanon or jordan for visas....because my husband has saudi residence he can apply thru the abu dhabi office but it takes like 26 months which is wayyyy to long for us :( please help
  10. hello sent my additional documents together with my passport already at the

    canadian embassy last June18,2012 and sure too that they also received my

    hong kong police clearance,but they didn't send any confirmation that they received

    it already is that normal worried that they never received anything.been w8ng for 42days

    already since i submitted my passport.Whats the min.time in w8ng the spousal visa..

    please clear my mind...
  11. whats the reason usually when its denied???
  12. If he can obtain a TRV to come to Canada, that would likely be best in your particular case. Once here, you can file an inland application. He can remain in Canada, although he cannot work without a work permit. Once the first stage part of the inland process is done - currently about 11 months - he will be given an "open work permit" which allows him to work for any employer. Normally, the second state of inland applications are completed in 8 months or less.

    If he cannot obtain a TRV to come to Canada, you will need to submit both parts of the application to Mississauga. They would normally forward it to Amman (which now handles Syrian applications) but you could request Abu Dhabi. Prior to closure, Damascus posted processing times of 14 months.

    If you do choose to submit an outland application, you can ask for another TRV, this time showing that you have filed an application. The Visa Office may be more willing to grant one in that case. Of course, once he is in Canada, you will have the option to submit an inland application (and withdraw your outland application). If processing has not started on your outland application, you will receive a refund for some portion of the application fee.

    Good luck!
  13. hi evryone

    my question din po ako. ang parents ko ay citizen na sa canada at ang 4 n kapatid ko andun na pati mga family nila.unfortunately, ako n lang naiwan dto s pinas kasi overage na ako.pero ngtry parin parents ko na sponsor ulit AKO, last 2009 pa un application ko for sponsorship pero until now wala parin balita s papel ko. my posibilidad b kaya makuha nila ako or irefused un application ko kasi overaged na ako. im 31 na ngayon. Sobrang nakakalungkot ang mgisa dto sa pinas to think mgkakasama na cla lhat dun s canada. lahat ng mga kapatid ko andun na.. guys, pls help... sana my ganitong case na ng sucess.. sobrang hirap at miss n miss ko n ang family ko. thanks for reply
  14. Can we get a version of that in English?? LOL. I'm still working on my Tagalog.
  15. thank you so much i have another question we were talking today about me starting the outland application and sponsor him from saudia arabia but in the mean time that i would go and live with him there until we get it approved which wont be for a while. would it be ok for me to start the application and leave canada or do i have to stay here the whole period?

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