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Sponsoring Parents to Canada

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by meet_u_in_canada, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. Hello Seniors,

    Its just been a couple of days that me and my family have come here to Canada and we are already beginning to feel sad without my Mother who is still in India. I am the only child of my parents and lost my Dad a few years ago. My Mother is old and is alone in India.

    Please help me understand how to go forward by answering the following questions:

    1. Can I or any of my friends here in Canada (who are citizens and well settled) sponsor here for a visitor's visa? I know i have to start earning before i sponsor her for the Super Visa and that will take time, but before that happens, is it possible to have someone sponsor her here for a quick trip?

    2. Since we are in Canada, can sufficient ties to India be a question in her case? I guess she has sufficient assets to satisfy the visa officer but we being PRs now pose problems for her as she has no other family there in India now to show who she will come back to?

    3. Does sufficient ties to homeland consideration a parameter for the super visa category also?

    Thanks and Regards
  2. 1) Its better if you do, and immigration sees your name in bank balance, T4 etc, Job letter etc as she has legit reason to visit son. Your friends can invite too, however they will have to pose as a 2nd cousin or good old friends etc but its better if son invites. I mean technically you can take a loan and deposit 10K in your bank, print that sheet and show as yours but they do see other factors too

    2) Ties do matter a lot, but it can be sisters brother too and you obviously have to state that she is a widow. If she has sufficient assets then its pretty good, other source of income and if she has good travel history then that helps a lot too

    3) Technically yes but onus remains on the income of the sponsor, meeting LICO

    Check my signature for Parent Visitor Visa help, it all depends how the immigration officer sees it, due to the pause of sponsorship for 2 years - I've heard that they been easy on parents visit so if you have the right paperwork then she has a good chance

    We have a parent sponsorship thread running where we are waiting since 5+ years and most of us are just about at the end and we have seen some with single parent ( mother ) getting super visa and another members parent was denied for visit visa few times and super visa as well. I'd say its 70% paperwork and 30% luck. You would imagine officers would be sympathetic towards a single old parents visiting her only child but they also see things from the other spectrum that since she has no one to go back to, so might just stay here forever - things like that

    good luck
  3. For a regular visitor visa, the inviter does not need to meet LICO. They need to show LICO if the person they are inviting is applying a super visa.
  4. Thanks for helping me out :)


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