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SINP point calculator

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by RoopRaj, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Hi, my name is raj and am 23 years old. i want to apply for Sinp Canada, here are the details of education and i want to know that how many points i can get for sinp.
    i did my 10th in india and after that i did 12th but i don't have certificate for my 12th, so am not able to show that.
    after that i did 8months diploma in computer and then i move to singapore and got 1year diploma in hotel management. currently am working as sales executive.
    i want to know if i show my 10th certificate, computer diploma and 1 year diploma then how many points i can get according to sinp point calculations.
    plz reply. thanks.......
  2. no idea,,litlle messy :)))
  3. may be 8 points for your diploma, just a guess
  4. First of all you have a job offer letter or family sponser(it is mandatory) in SK,then you have to calculate the points.
  5. hi, thanks for reply...
    actually i have a permanent job offer from SK.....
  6. SINP Job offer letter

    Hi all

    Can anybody suggest me that how can i get job offer letter from Saskatchewan from India?
  7. Re: SINP Job offer letter

    This is the only question that nobody is willing to share precious information and experience and nobody would help anyone in this regard. i don't know why, i will get answer to this question that why people don't help and guide exactly in this regard once i get there in Canada (inshaALLAH).
    All you will get answer to this question, is that check out websites for jobs and apply by submitting CVs to the employers. Is that so easy, lol..

    Hope for the best for everyone...

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