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Schedule 1 Background/Declaration ? 9 ?

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by smiling face, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone, I also got confused on my answer. Since I already submitted my package of Application for permanent resident (under provincial nominee-employer driven stream category).

    But after reviewing my photocopy of those form I dont know if my answer "NO" in the question number 9 on the second bullet (Schedule 1) was correct, since I am here in Alberta since 2008 granting me a working visa stamped in my home country, so definitely i already got a temporary resident in that matter.

    I have a friend who also answer "NO" on that category but he was already approved and issued a permanent resident.

    My question now is "am i going to have a problem if my answer in that column is not correct, or can i submit again the first page of Schedule 1 with explanation letter why I answer "NO" instead of "YES". Please give me some advice.....THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    Yes you’re right. The #9 question is really confusing. If you’re going to submit again the first page of Schedule 1, what will be your explanation why you answered NO instead of YES?

    Guys, help please.. What should be the answer here. Is it a NO or YES?

    Thank you so much guys!
  3. i sent my application 1 month ago and i did the same mistake , on the forms there are 3 different questions asking where do you reside under what kind of status etc .so it should not be a problem cuz we already declared the country we reside in and our status
  4. i answered "yes". because i previously applied and granted a trv to work here in canada.

    i think "no" is for those applicants who are not currently here in canada and appying to become a permanent resident.

    i would say dont worry too much about it. :)

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