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Return of passports with VISA

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by AlexAndi, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. Just read this thread again and may I know what did the Canada embassy Wrote? Mine, they didn't mentioned anything about visa stamping... What they wrote was:

    " This refers to you application for permanent residence in Canada. We require the following inroder to continue processing your application:

    () Submit original passports...

    That's it! Hope to hear from you if you have already received your passports with visa.!

  2. We did receive our passports already with the visas stamped in it last 10 Feb. Yup, the letter did not say any about visa stamping. It just said they needed to receive original passports to further the processing....blah blah...

    Nonetheless, I positively read between the lines and assumed everything was in place.
  3. i sent my passport to newdelhi for visa.. how long it takes???
  4. Well, good For your Alexandi..
    Oh well it just shows how pessimistic I am.. hhee... Good Luck then ..

    Anyway, We've been wondering how come we still hacen;t heard any news on my visa ...So I went to the Canadian Embassy this morning and found out that they still haven;t received our Medicals yet.. How Weird... As per the clinic, they said that they already have submitted it 2 to 3 weeks ago.. hhmm..
  5. Just be a little more patient. You can estimate about 1-2 months tops for every step to be accomplished by Embassy. Sometimes delay originates from the courier service too

    From the time we submitted to Embassy our documents up to the visa issuance, it took only about 6 months (this includes all additional docs required).
  6. yeap your right alexandi, but to avoid additional docs letter, make sure all your documents are complete and purely originals or certified true copy.


  7. hello..just want to ask from the day you sent all the documents and the processing..how long does it take for you to get your visa..thanks
  8. 7 1/2 months
  9. thank you for the information..just want to ask did you took the IELTS or only if they notify that you need it..thanks again..
  10. Hello everyone,

    The Canadian Embassy here in Manila called me last thurs, MArch 19 to hae my passport returned back to their office. I already submitted all the necessary docs and done with my meds.. What does it mean? How long should I wait for the next correspondence from them?

    Im a provincial nominee of BC.

    Thank you very much!!
  11. Congratulation to all those who have already received their "permanent resident visa" I would just like to know if there is an interview for a provincial nominee? I already filed my documents at CIC-Manila and they have already requested me to have the medical exam and to pay the landing fee.

    Would appreciate your reply on this....Thanks!
  12. Just a question:

    I just want to know if the embassy still requires all previous passports issued to the applicant. The thing is, i lost my old expired one already. I do have an affidavit of loss issued at the time i discovered that I lost it. Your thoughts please.......

  13. The embassy will tell you specifically if they need your old passports..
  14. Hi!

    I just want to ask how long does it take after medical exam do I receive the letter of request for my passport. Had my medical exam last Feb 18 at Nationwide in Makati.

    Hope you could provide me with an estimated wait time.

    Congrats by the way for recieving you VISAs.. I'm also under the PNP program bound for MANITOBA..

  15. Hello dp_ramos.

    I had my medical in the same clinic. We'll if every thing is ok, you'll receive a PP request later within 3 months.... Have submitted our passport to the Embassy though but still havent received any feedback...

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