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Rent in Toront

Discussion in 'Housing' started by Abdu, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. I planning to land in Canada early in July. I have of six members including my self. Two small girls (3 and 4) and two big (15-17). I am planning to settle in Toronto. I have not yet made my mind whether to rent an apartment of a house because I have absolutely no idea about cost of rents over there. I would appreciate any help in this issue. Are ther any restrictions on the number of rooms for number of family members? How long does it take to fing a good permanant accomodation? shall I fix the accomodation first or try to find appropriate schoold for my kids and then seek the accomodation?
  2. Hello Dear

    I have some friends who are living in Canada, well accommodation is not a big problem there. First of all I would advise you dont even think about going with your entire family. Yes if you are financially sound, then you can take chance, but I would recommend that first of all you go all alone, search a good house for you and your family and then bring them after you are mentally prepared, and to search a proper work is also a big question there. Well Toronto is a very costly city so atleast book an appartment in advance by using a proper accommodation website.

    Well it depends upon you which type of house you may like to live in. First of all study the wheather conditions in Toronto, then take some advise from the peole you know who are already there or others whom you can trust. Take the decision very wisely as things are not easy as we think in that country. From the day first you apply for a bank account and a credit card and then try your best to get a driving licence. For driving licence I advise you to apply from Sudbury which is in Ontario I have heared that procedures gets completed faster there. Anyways still if you have any doubts then do ask me.

    Ashish Patel
  3. Thanks a lot Patel for the advise. It is a good idea to go alone first. However I need time to find time for my kids before the start of the academic year and this is why I am planning to bring them together with me. I knew that it takes time to find good schools and indeed there are ques for that. Do you think that I can get a an appropriate accomodation within a month? mean while we can rent a furnished flat. Finantially I am Ok at the present time and I can support my family for a year without problems. Regading the weather, We (meself, wife and big kids) lived in Sweden for quite some time and we are used to such weather.
  4. Hi Abdu,
    where in Sweden did you live? The Canadian winter is MUCH tuffer ;)

    I am in Malmö.
  5. I lived in Uppsala but witnessed very harsh winters there; temperatures of -25 were not unusual.
  6. True Uppsala can be very harsh!

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