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renewal of PR card

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by tegveer, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. I had a few question regarding renewing the PR card that
    - how long before the expiry of the PR card can I apply for renewing it ?
    - what if the person is short of a few months of the residency obligation and will meet the residency requirement just around the expiry of the PR
    card ( its not been five year since he had became a PR as it is his first PR card ) ?

    Thanks and sorry if similar questions have been already asked.
  2. If you haven't been outside Canada more than 1095 days since you became a PR, they can not deny you to renew your PR card since you have a chance to meet the residency requirements. I am not sure how long before the 5 years you can apply but applying 3 months early is not a problem, that is what I did as it was at that time taking about 3 months to process the card. If you apply much earlier than that and have many days outside Canada, they might get suspicious though that you are planning on leaving Canada again when you get the card.

    A new PR card will not exempt you from staying in Canada 2 years in any 5 year period.
  3. You can apply to renew your PR card at any time, but do NOT apply until you actually meet the residency requirement. They will go by your residency at the date you sign your application, and if you have not met the requirement at that date (and only that date, they will not wait until a later date such as an expiration date) you will lose your PR.

    So wait until you have met the requirements and then apply. You may be impatient and want to apply earlier, but that will just lead to you losing your PR, and what good is that?
  4. Do I need to renew my PR Card before it expires? or can i let it expire and renew afterwards?

    Also, what documents/proof are they going to ask for to prove i have met the residency requirement? i have been in canada since May 2006 and have never been out for even a day. my passport has been expired since april 2008 and not renewed.

  5. You can let the PR card expire and renew it later.

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