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Rejected visa of work permit after 6 months from Embassy of Canada, Abudhabi

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by yub, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. After receiving LMO and offer letter from Canada,i submit my application at embassy of canada in abudhabi after collecting all the documents.Very hardly I was waiting for the result.I receive the mail from embassy after 6 months but it was only rejected letter.they were saying I did not meet the requirement of Subsection Act of 11(1) and 2(2).They also said that my application is close.

    So this time my mind is not working.I am like a mad.Did any one of you had faced this kind of situation from embassy of canada in abudhabi??
    If you hav any ideas that I can do , Please kindly help me.I need your help.

    God bless u.

    Thanks and Regards
  2. Whhhhhaaaaaattttt??? You waited so long and they'll will just reject it? I dont know what to say... When did u pass ur papers? Did they return back ur papers? If they just give you the result early maybe u still chance of re-applying if u still have valid LMO..
  4. i applied for cashier in petro canada as m workin as a sales advisor here in use since august 2009.Is there any problem if i apply before 2years of workin experience in uae.just i hav doubt on my time of workin experience.when i applied it was only 23 months.

    one more question,if there is rejection of application,will they return the documents?

    thnx lot for yr reply.
  5. glutten ! i had submitted all the related documents like police clearance certificate frm my country(Nepal and here UAE),education certificate,employment certificate,offer letter of current job,job description,bank statement,family relationship certificate,training documents in uae n a color copy of whole pages of my passport with company stamp.
    dont know wat happen.even my lmo is already expired.
    wat can i do now?
    any suggestion,kindly advice me
    thnks and regards

  6. Just i received mail frm embassy but dont know anything about my documents.I havn't received any documents from them.Shall I need to received my documents too as if I am rejected??
  7. If on the checklist, they asked for originals, and you sent the originals, they will return those. If the checklist asked for copies and you sent the originals, those won't be sent back.

  8. YUB .
    .you applied through agency or by your side . Subsection act 11(1) its a application Under canadian citizonship .............. :eek:
    check following link it might help your sitution.

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