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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by knaeem, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. Hi
    I applied to sponsoer my Husband and I paid fee online, I got a receipt online, but it does not show IMM 5401, I just want to know if we can use this online receipt number to track or Ecas in order to know the application status? since IMM 5401 number starts from letter "M" and my online receipt starts from letter "L" anyone help?
  2. Yes you should be able to see in ecas with this receipt no. But you won't see anything before you are being approved to sponsor.
    Those receipt starts with a letter. Mine starts with C. Strange that you have 2 different letters.
  3. Mine starts with an R. No worries.
  4. thank you very much... I dont have 2 receipts, i was trying to track with my receipt and i got one message that I should use IMM 5401 number which is like M0000000 like 8 letters. But my online receipt start from L and more than 8 letters.. you guys also paid online?
  5. Yes. Mine starts with an R and is followed by 9 numbers. Try it on ECAS and see what happens. Just remember that when using the receipt number, you enter the SPONSOR'S information.
  6. Thanks rjessome
    It is not showing anything yet, I still have to wait couple of weeks more i guess... I sent my application 17th Sep 09, received at Missga 18th Sept.
  7. Yeah, current processing is about 36 days. You've got a few more weeks to wait.

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