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Re: Renewal of NBI Clearance from the Philippines

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by estrelisa, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. thanks for the reply kcire :) this will be a long process...
  2. hi grachael,

    thanks, goodluck to us :) we also need to get PCC from dubai for my hubby...
  3. went to the embassy earlier. cause I had to complete my NBI renewal agen.
    tanx to Kcire if not for u I didnt realize my mistake. I called CIC and they told me to write a formla letter
    to explain why I sent the incomplete NBI clearance. and also include the then completed NBI clearance.
  4. I just have question regarding NBI. My friend just sent her application for nbi to her sister back home. She have the form # 5, have it finger printed at the rcmp here in edmonton and have the consul signed. Now the sister bring the form to the nearest nbi in our province but the nbi officer did not process it cause the officer said the applicant should appear personally there. Or else the sister should prepare big money to process the NBi. Now, another friend here was telling me stories that if you have a friend that knows someone working inside the nbi, you don't have to go through the hassle of getting the blue form, just have ur relatives go to nbi, bring the old nbi and picture and 2t pesos and nbi will be process. Which i know both are confusing. I did get an nbi last year through my mom who knows someone and my mom only paid 2h pesos and a wine. But 2t pesos? My oh my!
  5. you dont need to pay 2t. i just renewed mine...sent my old nbi, blue form and authorization to my friend who went to nbi to renew in behalf of myself. since nbi is having a new data agency/company :D, theyre using biometrics system now...thats why you need the blue form.
  6. So, u also went to rcmp and consul with the blue form? What a waste paying this amount of money to some sucker back home.
  7. When u need ur NBI clearance renewed, have the fingerprint form from the Philippine diplomatic post abroad (embassy/consulate) duly signed by the consul with ur picture on it and ur old NBI clearance to be sent directly to ur friends or relatives. You should also include an authorization letter. You don't need any forms from RCMP or any private fingerprinting agency accredited to RCMP. NBI in the Philippines will not accept those things (based on experience).

    If you all have this documents, NBI should not refuse ur application to have a clearance. If not, you know what that NBI person means...you need something to give "under the table". Only in the Philippines, "lagay system", "padrino"...
  8. Nope...didnt go to RCMP...just went to Phil. embassy Ottawa..paid 28.75 i think then gave them my pic and did the fingerprint....and of course filled up the form! ;D ;D
  9. Announcement:

    On Nov 19 2011, Phil Embassy Ottawa will be coming to montreal to process renewal of passport and NBI. at Jesus is Lord (JIL) 5180 QUEEN MARY ROAD. SUITE 200 from 9:30am to 6:00pm
    For more info check the website of Phil Embassy Ottawa
  10. hi estrelisa..i just did got a form from the Phil. Con. Gen here in Toronto..and got it the same day for paying 40 (expedite process)..28.75 for 3-5 days leave a pre-paid mailing envelope..but you better call first before going there to make sure that they have a form..because they said every friday is the delivery day of the form from the phil..hope i did help you atleast.. btw.. bring 1pc 2x2 pic(white background, colored).. ;)

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