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Questions to all Filipino Temporary Foreign Worker applicants

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by ThreeSquareImm, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. First of all, I am a Canadian citizen, born and raised. I help people sort out their immigration issues.

    I don't work with many Filipinos yet but see that they are big users of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. My questions are the following:

    1) Are you using an agency in the Philippines to acquire your jobs? If so, are they Canadian agencies?
    2) Have you had success sourcing employment directly from the Philippines by contacting employers yourself
    3) If there was a better way to do things, what would they be? If you could find help, either in Canada or the Philippines to make your life better throughout this whole process, what would that look like?

    Thanks to all who respond, looking forward to hearing your feedback!

  2. hello there!
    just wondering to ask if you can help my brother in-law in taiwan to find an employer who can give him an LMO so that he can have the oppurtunity to work here in canada..i'm here in canada too but i am looking for an agency or employer who can sponsor my bother in-law to work here in canada..hope you can help me and give me an idea regarding this matter..

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