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Questions about Notice of Assessment, Phone Bill, Birth Certificate

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by RN, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    I am new to this forum but its been great reading the postings. Just a brief info. I am sponsoring my husband from Nigeria. I am a Canadian citizen reciding in Canada. I am a Nurse. He is a doctor in Nigeria. We were introduced by our sisters who are friends in May 2008, we started talking via facebook in September 2008, began a relationship in Oct 2008, got married on Jan 2010.

    I have a question about option C. I lost my notice of assessment for 2008 and called hrdc to get a new one. I recently received it. However, I dont see anything like option c on the form. Is this normally on the form. I also see people on the forum talking about having information on if you have received government social assistance in the past. I dont see anything where this states i havent. I havent received social assistance before. If I havent, would this show on the form.

    Also, we need to submit our phone log. Although we talk on the phone 30mins-1.5hours every day. Everytime I call him, I always use a calling card (its cheaper) which has a toronto number. Although, he calls me with his number, it doesnt show the number on telus phone log whenever anyone calls me. Do you think it would be ok if I explain this and include copies of the phone card. What have people done to resolve this.

    Secondly, does my husband also need to submit a birth certificate. He is already submitting the info page of his passport.

    Any other relevant tips would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you
  2. Hi

    1. You have the notice of assessment not option C, phone CRA and ask for an option C.
    2. The phone card shows nothing, there is no way to determine who used it.
    3. Your spouse has to complete the visa office specific form, and will need the long form of his birth certificate. he should read: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/kits/guides/3912e.pdf

  3. If he doesn't have a birth certificate, they will want some other proof of his birth date. His passport is good, but ideally something in addition; for example, a baptismal certificate. My husband doesn't have a birth certificate, so submitted his baptismal certificate, his passport, and an affidavit from his eldest brother attesting to his birth date. The visa office accepted this as proof and has not asked for anything more.
  4. I can't help you with your questions as I am not very experienced as I am just starting the process. I would love to contact you though, as I don't know anyone else who has a Nigerian husband, and I am going to Lagos to get married in April and would love to ask some questions and get some reassurance!

    If you wouldn't mind, please email me laurabradley@telus.net

    Thank you, and good luck!
  5. Thanks PMM and Canadian Woman,

    So previously revenue agency had sent me a blue form notice of assessment, someone stated this is not option C. It doesnt have option c writen on it but it does have notice of assessment. I called CRA to get a option c after this. I just recieved a form today. Its on a plain white piece of paper. It doesnt have option c written on it. The form number is RC143 E (d), its got "tax return information regular" written on it. Is this option c or was I sent the wrong form again. I completed my application a month ago and this is all that is left. His police clearance will be expiring in 3 weeks. If its not he right form, what do I do now?

    Thanks, I was able to get his birth certificate.

    About the phone bill, we were able to get his phone bill in Nigeria. However, the phone bill is currently in Nigeria. Is it ok if he sends it to me by scanning and emailing or is the original print required.

    Looking forward to insights of people on this form.

    Thank you,
  6. RN - when did you do your medical your medicals are only valid for 1 year and if they expire it can add months on to your file?
  7. RN, that is the correct form.
  8. K6416, We did the medicals at the end of November 2009. Hopefully, he will get approved by November this year. But the chances are slim as it takes 11 months to 18 months for most spousal applications submited to accra.

    Blue Dragon, Thank you so much about your feedback that its the right form. Now I am relieved.

    I am expecting that I will submit it on friday or saturday. Then the waiting begins.

    Another Question: How do you know the website to check the processing and the special assigned number to your case so that you can check the stage your file is at. Thank you
  9. yea... it looks like you will most likely have to re-do medicals at some point during the process... that sucks huh.... that always adds time on to your file.


    this is the link I use because its a link to a whole heap of information. On the right side you can see a tab called
    I need to... Just under that there is an tab called chck application status. You can also check the ave. time lines etc etc....

    Good Luck

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