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Question about application status

Discussion in 'International Students' started by ak3019, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. I was tracking my application status through VFS website and I just received the following message:

    Passport released by the Canadian High Commission, 7/8 SHANTIPATH, CHANKYAPURI, -, NEW DELHI, Pin:110021, Tel: on 10/08/2010 and is in Transit.

    I don't know what this means. I did not get called for medicals or anything but this message is different than what I got when my application was rejected twice before.

    Was my application rejected for the third time?

  2. when did u apply the visa???

    this means that they hav processed for application and is on the way to ur home thru bluedart or with OC (normally VFS)....
    they are sending the passport, maybe to tell u get ur medicals done....

    all the best....
  3. I applied on July 27th.

    Will they send back the passport if they require medicals? I'm so nervous right now. I dont know if my application was processed or rejected. I was rejected twice before but I did not get a message like this both times. That is my only hope right now.
  4. they hav to send back the passport...becoz without the original passport, medicals cannot be done....
    in my case they asked me to bring my original passport for medicals....so i assume the same for u as well....

    when was the last time u checked ur application status before u got this message?????

    n at wat time did u get this status update???
  5. I just checked like 5 minutes before I started this topic. So maybe about half hour ago.

    I applied at VFS Chennai on July 27th. It reached Delhi on the 28th. Its been "under processing" all this time. I checked today morning as well and it was still under processing. But I just checked now and I got this message.

    Oh God. I hope you are right.
  6. Update:

    My status has been changed to:

    Passport has been dispatched through Courier vide Airway Bill # on . You can also track your passport Status by visiting the website: bluedart.com. Incase of Hold Passport: Your Passport has been held on Request at OC Delhi OC.

    This is the message I got when my application was rejected twice before. I guess my application has been rejected for a third time. I've lost all hope in this process.

  7. no my friend it is not necessary....maybe ur passport is dispatched to get ur medicals done...u wont get to know unless u get ur passport....
  8. Thanks man. I hope you are right but I seriously have my doubts. I desperately needed to be in Canada by this September. I dont know what I'm going to do.

    Thanks for your advice and information.
  9. do let us kno wateva was the response.....we will be waiting
  10. Sure will. Thanks.
  11. Update:

    Just got my passport back. My application was rejected.

    It was because of:

    1. I'm not well established in my country of residence.
    2. My proposed studies are not reasonable.

    I was prepared for this.
  12. sorry to hear that but dont worry...............process your case through any immigration agent becuase Canada immigration is srtict

    best of luck
  13. I applied for the renewal of passport of my niece last december..how will I know if it's been approved or rejected? How will I know if it is already released and ready to pick up? Is there any due date in collecting the passport?

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