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Quebec Self employed from Pakistan

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by amadeus, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    I am running a software development business as self employed person for last 6 years, i have taken the quebec self assesment and believe that i qualify the requirements, however i have two questions.

    1) for self employed person as a proof of work they require 3 years of income tax return file. In Pakistan IT related work is tax free thats why i never enrolled for the tax during these years till 2009 when i completed my tax documents and have filed returns for the 2 years till now ( though the return are filed declaring no tax because this work is tax free ). So now i need to know as per requirements i have only 2 years of tax filing as oppose to 3, will this work. I can provide them remittance and other documents which can show the proof of funds easily through official bank documents which represent that i am working since last 6 years in this field. Will this work if i like to fulfill the criteria of working since last 5 years as self employed?

    2) Are theres any regulation approvals required as a self employed person in quebec or canada. Isaw that some businesses requires regulation approval.

    Let me know. :'(

  2. hello
    which software company you runs in pakistan....
  3. Anybody can help with this?

    Name is SoftTech


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