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Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by wingsofmaybe7777, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. Hey, that's a big one, I bet only an individaul that has experienced it will be in the best position to answer that.

  2. Hey friends, just got an email today where was written that my application is received and there were some codes that indicate my status.

    I have not reached 4 months yet and it seems fast compared to what we have heard from the offices of Rome.

    Is this called second AOR, Any idea from experienced applicants?
  3. Guys, my immigration consultant wants NOTARIZED documents. How do I notarize a document if it is spread throughout the page and there is no space for the red seal/stamp? For example, a photocopy of IT Returns is a completely-filled up page with no space.

    Also, what's the difference between work experience certificate and reference letter from employer? Both sound the same to me.

    Thanks for the answer in advance :)
  4. @nevillek

    THEY BOTH MEAN THE SAME THING...(It should state things like (1) Duration of work (2) Nature of work (3) Your responsibilties (4) Salaries etc
  5. Hi all,

    Please which form will i use to add a new born baby for my CSQ application? And what other documentation do i need to send?

  6. Is the email from CIO sydney or Rome visa office? The CIO e-mail usually comes very fast but the visa office AOR takes 1-3 months. So 2nd AOR is visa office AOR and CIO's e-mail is PER (positive eligibility review)
  7. To all those who have already filed their apps:

    Guys, should the following docs be enough for work experience for salary paid by cash:

    1) offer/employment letter
    2) reference letter (stating duties, etc.)
    3) salary certificate
    4) service letter (2 lines only)
    5) IT returns

    Should these be enough? Can you think of something else? Thanks :)
  8. If possible, Ur bank statement. If it can prove that a regular money was deposited into it.
  9. Hi mate, I am in the same boat as Urs. I too need on the list of docs and the form for adding a new born baby for a CSQ. My little one is due in June.
  10. YES...Good to go!!!
  11. Hi Friends,

    I hope you guys would be fine. Congratulations to all who have successfully received their AOR, Interview Calls, and Visas. I am sorry for those who have been rejected due to implementation of new rules or for any other reasons.

    Just to share an update: I have received the payment form back on Feb 2012 to get it signed. The BIQ Paris guys have sent me a 3 page letter stating my Reference number PA***** and Dossier or AOR No. PA******.

    Unlike many other cases they didn't return all my documents. Only the payment form arrived with two other letters.

    A Common Question that has been asked too much!
    As many of you might know, I have changed my apartment soon after I have filed my application in August 2011. I needed to inform Paris BIQ about my address change but how? I didn't have the AOR Number or any other mean to reference it.

    What I did?
    I have sent them a fax stating my DOB, My names, My passport number, Old address and the new address and the date when I have filed my application. They have received it and updated my file accordingly. The fee form has been sent to my new address in February.

    I have also called Paris BIQ in January and February about asking my file. And I have been told they have a lot of applications so it is taking up to 5 months to reply.

    I hope that helps.

  12. Thanks for sharing, how are you ?? where have you been ?? it has been a long time, you have been away for 4 months
  13. Dear
    You have to fill principal applicant form again and mention your child in dependent as well as follow this link for another form and help http://www.immigration-quebec.gouv.qc.ca/publications/en/dcs/A-0520-MA-dyn.pdf.

    Hope this information beneficial for you.
  14. The e-mail i got was from Rome Office. is this positive?
  15. Hi Guys,

    I received a letter from Quebec today, it was dated for 19th March and said the following:

    nous avons pris connaissance de votre projet d'etablissement permanent au quebec et vous en remercions

    a cet effet, nous desirons vous informer que vous etes inscrit(e) sur une liste d'attente pour une entrevue de selection avec un conseillier ou une conseillere a l'immigration. des que la date de votre entrevue sera arrètée, nous communiquerons de nouveau avec vous

    nous tenons a vous souligner que la teneur de nos dossiers etant strictement confidentielle, nous ne donnons aucun renseignement par telephone concernant des demandes d'immigration

    nous vous prions de croire, madame, en l'assurance de nos sentiments les meilleurs

    I think this means that I am on the waiting list for the interview, correct?

    Has anyone else received such a letter and then how much time it will take for the interview to happen? Also will I get another letter or email notifying my interview date?

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