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Quebec 2010 Applicants Damasucs Visa office

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by Kia, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. Hi Batlimos_85,

    Just remove the www and replace the (.) with (dot)
  2. micc.gouv.qc.ca/publications/fr/planification/Plan-immigration-2012.pdf
  3. I was telling that a friend had his interview and he was refused couse he didn't understand well what they guy was asking him in french.They told him u don't even understand, so clearly you can not speak currently french, they got very angry....and he was refused. So French is v important
  4. Mazhar i sent u a private message about the books
  5. That's really bad :eek: do you know if he was qualified without french or not ? I mean whether he was having the minimum required points to pass the interview or not ?
  6. Ousama i have no ideea.I asked him more about his file but no answer till now.He is not in the mood for sure.Maybe later he will share
  7. another interesting point, this is the maximum number of people from Asia that they will get a visa under the skilled category

    Asie 6 100 minimum 6 400 maximum
    out of a total of 41000 maximum from the whole world
  8. Hi Ricoluna

    I sent you a private message.
    So your friend who was refused does not know french at all. I am still trying to improve my french. INSHALLAH i hope by them i get interview call, i will be bit better in french.

  9. Hi Ricoluna

    I was reading french 149 questions to prepare for the interview, and I found following questions for which i need if you any information.

    have you any idea on the equivalance of your degree.?
    what is the procedure of doing an equivalance of your degree?
    is your profession regulated in quebec?
    do you know the financial system of quebec?
    are you aware of religeus system of quebec, which relgion system is being practice in quebec?
    do you have any friend or relative in quebec? well i dont have any friend or relative then they might asked me how will you settle without any help?

    thanks if some one answer these questions


  11. Dear Ricoluna

    thanks very much, yeah it is really useful guid i just checked. and my TEFQuebec exam will take place on 02Feb. I tried doning an exam of TCF on the TV5 website and surprisingly i found to hvae 40% in the very first try for comprehension listening test.

    I hope INSHALLAH it will be more better as the time passes.


  12. Guys please help by answering this question.

    Has INDIAN correspondence degree or diploma any point under diploma point system or area of training? Please let me know as soon as possible.

  13. Of course it has, indian diplomas are given 6 points if i am not wrong, and also it depends what is the area of training.I will send u the link where u can find
  14. Thanks for the prompt reply, but this diploma is correspondence or distance diploma" without attending physical classes" do you still think that they are giving points for distance diplomas.
  15. THIS IS THE LINK U NEED http://www2.publicationsduquebec.gouv.qc.ca/dynamicSearch/telecharge.php?type=7&file=GPI_3_1_INDE.pdf

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