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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by qaiser, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. As far as i knoow there is no need for ielts provincial nomination. You can submitte any document through which you can proof that you have enough english. If they still ask you than only applicant have to give ielts. more than 5 band required...regard Karachi :)
  2. hi
    Good luck to all,

    CAn anyone plzzz advice me, should we need to send police clearance certificate and proof of fund whn we apply first for PNP ? or these are needed only after Approval . wht are the documents which are not in checklist need to be submitted for PNP ? to get approval. and how much fund we need to show in our Bank account ,,,,?

    Thanks in advance ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,God bless all

  3. hello! i am new here... what happen to your application? cuz my annulment is also pending... what documents did u submit?
  4. Police Clearance is required only after approval, that is when u submit your application to cic. Proof of Funds is needed to be included in your PNP application.

  5. Hello, may i know what color of clothes should i wear to take the passport photo? Dark color or white color? I saw one of the photo sample from the Canada Immigration photo requirements is wearing white color clothes.

    And also, i face some problems during fill in the MPNP form. Is there anyone could provide the sample of the form? I'm applying under the family stream and my brother is the one who sign the affidavit of support.

    Here is the questions about the form;


    I truly appreciated your help from the bottom of my heart.
  6. any color you can wear, witness can be sign by any one who have national identity card, in mailing address u write abt your adress, if net worth is positive it will go in your favor,,,,regar karachi
  7. you need to wear some clothes. what color it is does not matter. just make sure you wear some clothes.
  8. But they didn't mention that you have to wear cloths, so i think if he do not wear, they will not have objection... :D
  9. good point my friend.... i got to agree with you this time.
  10. Thnaks Issah :D

    Can u plzz advice me what all supporting documents needed to apply first.?? employment certificates are there , but Do we need to send copies of appointment letters too?? and proof of fund CAD 7000 will be fine???? plzzzz advice. Thanks in advance ,,, God bless

  11. Thank you Karachi! Appreciated your help so much!

    There is another one question. The Canada government said that applicant must have minimum CAD$10,000. Is it means after deducted the mortgage/ loan or as long as we can proof that we have CAD$10,000 in bank for 3 months before submit the form?


  12. Haha! of cause must wear clothes!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:
  13. Your networth should be atleast 10000/ at the time you submit your application
  14. can you please show me where it is mentioned .....
  15. :)

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