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Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by UnliklyHer0, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Hi! I applied for my OPEN WORK PERMIT/SPOUSE SPONSORSHIP inland on September 2010. I am wondering how long it takes for the open work permit to come in, also i am wondering how long it takes to start processing or for my files to show up in their system when i look it up. The border said that it should take about 2 months for my papers to be received and be in the system, yet it has been 2 months now and there is still nothing and no word from them. Any advice would be helpful thank you!
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    If you are sponsoring your spouse through Vegreville and included a SOWP application, then it will be about 9 months. If you have a work permit in Canada, and the NOC is A,B or O then if you applied electronically then 50 days, paper, 24 days.
  3. Hi!!! just wanted to ask anybody from this forum... i submitted my PR and OWP june 29 , 2010 its almost 5months now but still i didnt receive anything from cic is it normal? usually how many months do i expected to receive anything from them? thnks!!!!
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    Yes, they are working on applications received 15/02/10. So about another 5 months.
  5. PMM, u mean i will not receive anything confirming that they already received my application coz even in e-cas still unidentified... thnks for taking time to answer me it helped me alot
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    Nope, not until they open your application in about 5 months.
  8. Hello

    I had the same problem, i was told all sorts of things about my open work permit.
    It takes 9 months for them to look at your application, if all is order as mine was they send each of the applicants a letter.
    One stating that the sponsor is approved and one to say that an open work permit will be issued (if you sent an application in with everything else)
    This all taking 9 months, i received my letters stating that i have been approved for everything about 2 weeks ago, but i am still waiting for the actual work permits and formal documents, so it actually is taking longer for the work permit. I will let you know when i recieve mine.

    Ps: they dont send you anything to state that they have received your application, it is suggested that you send it as a tracked parcel so that you know when it arrives. Your application will only show up on the website around about the 9 month mark, and then you have to wait for the permits still.
  9. Hi all!

    Devin is absolutely right, they will only start processing your Open Work Permit application once they approve sponsorshp application. And it takes about a month to get an OWP, in case you submited it together with all other PR docs.

    All the waiting can drive you nuts. I've been waiting for only 2.5 months for now, so another 6.5 ahead... Hope the whole thing will work fine for me.

    Good luck to all!
  10. hello everybody!

    just a suggestion if you want to make sure that you have submit all the documents and if the application is complete and if you are under livein caregiver, try phoning the cic just to make sure that everything is complete, i did phone them after i have submit my application last august and said that everything is fine so i just have to wait for the first stage approval. thank God! God bless us all!
  11. Hi rosellyalung, what number did you call? thank you po!
  12. @ennaesor-18882422100
  13. I'm sorry to bump an old topic, however this is pretty much in line to what I've been wondering recently.

    My husband and I applied for an inland sponsorship (I'm Canadian and he is American), with that sponsorship application we included the "Application to Change Conditions, Extend my Stay or Remain in Canada" form for an Open Work Permit as instructed and sent to us by one of the CIC call centre representatives. I included a cover letter with the sponsorship application but not one with the Work Permit to signify that the application was to be for a Open Work Permit (we only checked the work permit box at the top). A little over a month later I couriered a letter to the Vegreville CIC office (where the rest of our paperwork was sent) to clarify what the Work Permit application was so that it was as clear as possible.

    According to the CIC website, they started processing our Sponsorship Application on August 10th, 2010. There was no note of processing a Open Work Permit on the website. It's been 6 months since they have began to process our Sponsorship Application however we have not heard back about the Open Work Permit yet. Is this unusual, or should I not be worrying? Do Work Permits typically not show up on the CIC website when checking application status?

    Right now I'm working full time and supporting my husband while we wait for the Open Work Permit. So we're both pretty anxious to receive the green light on him getting back to work. Does it look like we have sent everything correctly? To what I understand the CIC office in Vegreville possesses all the necessary information specifically for our Open Work Permit.

    Thank you! Any help/confirmation is much appreciated.
  14. First stage processing for inland apps is 9-10 months. Your husband will receive the OWP after the initial assessment (once you have been approved as sponsor).

  15. HI all

    I sent out my application for PR in Vegreville in December. 3 months later I received a letter acknowledging me they received in Dec 28. I haven`t been told to send an Open Work Permit application together. But the immigration officer in Calgary said I will receive a letter stating I am eligible for a OWK... BUT WHEN???? How long does it take in average? processing time is driving me nuts!

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