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processing time for live in caregiver applying in hk

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by angel78, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Hello....Can any one tell me if how long is the new processing time for live in care giver applying from hk...as i heard it will take 3 mos before receiving the first notice is it true?

  2. Processing Time and Status Requests

    Once the application is submitted and the processing fee has been paid we will conduct a preliminary assessment of the application. We will then send you further instructions by mail, including the instructions for obtaining police certificates and for conducting medical examinations. Please wait at least 10 working days for your instructions to arrive before sending any inquiries about the status of your file. Once you have received the instructions, you must take the medical examinations at the earliest possible date to ensure timely processing of your application. Medical examinations are completed at your own expense and at your own risk. Completing a medical examination does not guarantee that a visa will be issued.

    May we remind you not to resign from your employment until final approval is granted.

    Due to high volume of applications in process, the processing of work permit applications may take 4 months from the time the application is submitted to this office. Some cases may take longer. Instructions or decision will be sent by mail. You may be asked to attend an interview or to submit additional documents. It is your responsibility to satisfy the visa officer that you meet all Canadian immigration requirements. If you fail to attend the interview or do not supply the requested documents within the specified period of time, your application will be refused.

    heres the link: http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/hong_kong/assets/pdfs/lcp-app.pdf
  3. Hi,i work as live-in caregiver now in Canada and knew a friend who applied LCP from H.K.(She is from Phillipine and worked in H.K. for long) that she waited almost a year to get her visa. Good luck to you..

    LCP from Victoria

  4. thnx for ur reply wysongco..

    vic when ur fren get her visa...coz i just heard that only last month change the processing time ....
  5. Used to be 6 months for some of the Filipinos I've met here in Canada who worked in HK before coming here.

  6. Hi angel78,
    Im from hongkong too..just arrived here in canada 3mons ago. It took me 6mons from the time i got my LMO.. you must have all the documents you need for a much easier process. ;)
  7. Hi,angel78:

    Good luck to your application and live-in caregiver is not easy and learn some skills while you are there like gardening,cooking. You might be using them here. God bless you.

  8. thanx guys sa info.....
  9. Hi, guys I'm a newbie here and I really need help ATM.

    Is it true that if I apply for a LCP visa in HK, they usually do not need a face to face interview anymore? I am now located in Taiwan and have been working here for 3 almost 3 years. How should I pay the application fee then? What about the submission of the documents?

    Appreciate any replies from you. Thank you very much :)
  10. @wsongco:

    Thank you for your reply through PM, I can't PM you yet. So I write it here. LoL

    I tried to email to Canada Embassy in HK, but perhaps they have been too busy handling cases from several countries' citizens so they haven't replied any of my email :(

    Okay then I think I gotta apply from my home country then. Thank you very much for your advice.
  11. @wsongco

    Hello. I would like to apply as LCP but i don't know how to start with the application. I am a nurse(PHIL)by profession, and currently living here Singapore. To be honest,i don't know of any agency in Sg to apply, and i am much willing to go to Hongkong just to apply LOL! Could you pls share some info on how to start,what to prepare,how much do i have to prepare and more other things..Pls pls Thank you in advance wsongco!!!

  12. hi there

    Im also under LCP but submit my application in abudhabi UAE, baka may kakilala kayo or friend na pwedeng mag bigay ng timeline nila...
  13. Hello!

    I just re-apply almost two weeks ago for the Live-In Caregiver work permit. I would like to know if it's a requirement to obtain the medical exam? Do they always ask you to obtain one? I'm worried because it's expensive and it usually takes more time.

  14. hi guys,
    ask ko lng mgkano lahat gastos nyo processing as caregiver from hk to canada? im here n hk now & i am planning to apply for canada? pwede bang dna dadaan ng agency? saan ba ang canadian embassy sa hk? thanks po.

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