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pre-existing condition

Discussion in 'Health' started by ange, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. My son will be travelling with me to Canada. I am a Canadian citizen, my son has dual citizenship, my husband will have the permanent resident status. My son has a serious heart defect which is classified as a pre-exisitng condition. How can we get health coverage for him while we wait the 3 months for OHIP to kick in?
  2. 1. Look for private insurance companies. Maybe contact OHIP and ask them if they have any idea.


    2. Don't move to Ontario, move to AB where you are covered from day 1 when you move from a foreign country.
  3. You can download the application form for pre-existing conditions from here

    Answer the forms questions and fax it to the insurance company (their fax # is on the form).
    They reply in 2 days.

    Good luck.

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