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PR-eligible for OHIP

Discussion in 'Health' started by a_baig, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. I am a female canadian permanent resident since last 4 years...I have a valid PR card and SIN card but never applied for OHIP as i had to travel back to india.
    I established permanent residence in canada in sept 2008..continuing to live in canada and have all the necessary proof of residence required for processing of OHIP.
    I understand that there is a 3 month waiting period for new and returning immigrants.

    My question is
    1.Do permanent residents with continuous stay of over 230 days,have to go through the 3 month waiting period?

    2.Can income tax assesssment report be shown as a proof of residence?

    3.As a permanent resident meeting the necessary eligibility criteria for OHIP..how long will the processing take?

    Kindly help me in this regard...currently i am in india for a visit and expecting a baby in dec.
    If i am assured that i am eligible for OHIP and get it right away then i can deliver the baby in canada.
    If not then i would prefer staying back in india for delivery.

  2. 1. Everybody who moves to Ontario has to go through the waiting period.

    2. and 3. You should talk to OHIP about this. You can find them at http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/public/programs/ohip/ Nobody else can really assure you that you will be covered.

    Even if you had OHIP, depending on how long you leave for, you can lose it again if they know you were gone. I believe it's 6 months you can be outside Canada until they consider you not living in Ontario anymore but do ask them.

    If you want to move to another province like AB and I believe SK, they will cover you from day one. Some provinces, I believe Quebec make exceptions to the waiting period for pregnancy and delivery.
  3. Yes i understand that to be eligible for OHIP-
    Once you hve established 153 days of residency in Ontario then you cannot be away from the country for more than 7 months.
    Only then are you considered for OHIP.

    In my case i have a continous stay from sept 2008 uptil may 2009 (about 263 days)
    I am out of canada for a visit and hopefully will b returning back by end of sept.
    Thus,away from the country for only 4 months.....whereas the limit is 7 months.

    Going by all these calculations i seem to be eligible...but you never know where you can get stuck with the canadian policy as they are very particular about healthcare and its misuse.

    At this stage of pregnancy i just cannot land in canada without being assured of an OHIP.
    Anywayz thanks for ur prompt n valuable reply.

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