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PR Application "status "has been in progress since march.

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by ify1132, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. My PR application has been in progress since march 26 , even when have submitted all my documents including medicals since first week of july . The medicals was delivered after three days but the are yet to confirm the recipt of it , i am deeply worried and i hope noting has gone wrong . I understand that it takes three months to process the medicals and then request for passport . I have written to port of spain trinidad, which is my visa office yet no response from them , my representative have also written to them yet no response from them . I wish somebody can tell me whats going on with my application , seniors please help.

  2. Hi, whats ur visa office??
  3. port of spain , trinidad and tobago
  4. usually, ones they received your Medical results, they update at CIC
  5. Hi,

    I think you have a representative for your file. If so then let there be one person communicating and in your case your representative. If your application online status is In Process since March 26, 2010 (I suppose) and have submitted the medicals as well then ask you representative to send another case specific inquiry to CHC and wait for their communication for a month.
  6. Hi Ify;

    My e-cas status still shows in progress as well, although I have submitted the medicals mid July, and I have no idea why it hasn't changed, as they have recived them 2 days later since I sent with with registered mail, so no Idea what's taking them that long
  7. Dont worry about online status. Sometimes it remains same even visas stamped...............same happened to me. No change from Aug 2009 till Aug 2010. Status changed from IN PROCESS to DECISION MADE one week after visa issued.

    gud luck
  8. Hi ify1132,
    Agreed with ayousouf,
    Don't worry with the online status,it is not updated regularly,it happened to me about the change of address. I informed them about my new address but it was not changed on the online status.So I kept writing letters until some one in the visa office replied : Rest assured we have updated your address in our system here at the Visa Office but we have no input on the online system
    It was eventually updated ,a long time after the notification of change of address.

    Dear all,

    i am an indian resident in the Middle East having sent my applicaiton to London (UK) in aufust 2009. My repeated emaisl to the London Office ahs also elicited unclear responses like the status remails the same, will be taken up, etc. I am unable to make out whether there are any problmes in the application or whether the application is rejected or is still in queue and will be taken up. BTW, prior to sendign to London, i was asked to submit my application to Nova Scotia, Sydney, Canada to which i received rpompt response response in about 20 days asking me to supply the detailed application to London. Thsi si what I did in August 2009 as aforesaid.

    My online enquiry thru the CIC website also does not give any clear details.

    I would be very thankful for useful feedback and any steps that you think I have to take.



    Thanks adn best regards,
  10. Chela;

    What status does it show on e-cas?

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