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Positive LMO

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by shehzad007, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Hi Dear,

    I just need your kind help. Once you have Positive LMO. And when you are going to apply for Work permit visa in Canadian embassy,how you can make sure that you will get a multiple entry visa stamped on your passport, so you will be allowed entry with a valid work permit.

    I mean is there any extra documents you need to submit for mutiple entry work permit visa?

    Hope to read from you soon. thanks
  2. Unlike the visitor visa application, work permit application doesn't have a box you can tick if you want to have a multiple entry work visa. It depends upon the visa officer whether to grant you multiple entry or not.
  3. thanks so it mean having a work permit on your pass port still its not mean that you can go back to your country for holidays and then come back to canada??

    Please can some one clearify that as i am very confused.
  4. You need the visa stamped on your passport to enter Canada. You pick up your work permit from a port of entry once you get to Canada. Sometimes the visa officers give multiple entry work visas, sometime single entry. You can apply for another TRV once in Canada to a visa office outside Canada if you have a single entry visa. I have read some posts where a person can actually apply from his country (in the event it is there s/he went for the vacation) before returning to Canada. Or you can apply before you leave Canada so you're assured of an entry.
  5. Thanks again. so when i got stamp on passport based up positive LMO. And fly to Canada then what kind of work permit i can pick up from visa officer on port of entry????
  6. You need to send your application together with a copy of the LMO you have to the CIC/CHC responsible for your region. You work permit will depend upon the conditions set out on your LMO/work contract/job offer. BTW where are you applying from?
  7. Thanks for your kind reply. One more question ,would you please explain me a bit
    Once i have LMO ,
    1) i will apply visa through embassy.which will be called TRV or ......?

    2) so what about the work permit paper where i will get this one ?

    on my TRV visa will be issued from candad embassy on that visa it will b mentiond mutiple entry visa OR on port of entry they will write mutiple entry visa ????

    Please guide me with above questions .thansk
  8. Apply for a work permit at the visa office responsible for your region. I don't know where you are. There are different "application kits" for different regions. From the cic website: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/work/apply-how.asp. Download the package for your country or region. Submit the required documents (checklist). Once approved, the visa office will put a a work visa on your passport (pasted/glued on passport). Sometimes it is multiple, sometimes single entry. When you get to Canada, they will issue a work permit (loose sheet of security paper) at the port of entry.
  9. Hi , Many Many Thanks for clearify me.so let suppose ,if they put stamp for single entry visa so ,once i will be in canada ,can i apply for mutiple entry visa to go for holidays to my counrty and come back again to start my work ?
  10. Yes you can send your application to a visa office in the US, once you are in Canada.
  11. Thank mate,okay so when work permit visa will be issued ,is there any time limit ,i can enter to canada ?or it up to me whenever i want till validatily of my visa?
  12. Depends upon the date on the visa that is going to be issued to you. And also upon the conditions of your LMO.
  13. Hi mate ,you are helping me alot. thanks for all that. Would you please give me some suggestions ,how i can convincing visa officer or what type of extra documents i need to submit ,so he grant me multiple entry visa rather than single entry visa.

    Because i dont want single entry visa and again go through all process to apply for multiple entry visa once i will in canada.

    hope to read from you soon.
  14. Hello Job_seeker,

    Please reply me as i am waiting for ur kind reply.
  15. Hi shehzad007,

    There's no guarantee that the visa officer will grant a multiple entry visa. I have seen similar LMOs where one got a single entry and the other got multiple. It also depends upon the conditions of your LMO and contract- how long the duration of the job is, will you have vacation within the duration of your contract. But once you are in Canada, you can start preparing the documents to send to the Canadian visa office in the US :). Mate, your worry should be being able to get that initial work visa whether it is single or multiple entry. All the best.

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