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Police clearance certificate (Pakistan)

Discussion in 'International Students' started by masab.qayyum, May 23, 2011.

  1. Salam guys,

    I want to know the procedure of getting a police clearance certificate from Karachi, Pakistan. Do I have to go directly to the Police station and ask for a certificate. Please help me out as I have just started to obtain documents for Visa application.

  2. first of u have to write an application and then go to sp office and sign it from their and than they will told u to sign it from ur sho and then bring it again the sp office with 2photo graph and 1 photo copy of cnic and and passport.
  3. Thanks Saud for your reply.

    I am unable to understand what is sp office, is it the nearest Police station in my locality or what??
  4. Ws,1st you have to go to Sp office and they will guide you and give you a form and after filling this form you have to go the concerning police station and ask them about the police certificate.they will check the records that you don't have any criminal record then they will issue you a clearance certificate and send it again to sp office and then they will issue you a police certificate.In easy words,all you have to do is go to the sp office or nearest police station which belongs to you.
  5. Thanks Jaguar for the clarification.

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