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Police Certificate From Lahore, Pakistan !!

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by rescue1122, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    If anyone has got police certificate from lahore, pakistan. Kindly share the complete procedure, and from where to get it. How much time is required to get that.? how much money they charge?

  2. Hi,
    There is no such information on web. Kindly if anyone from Lahore Pakistan can help me out. Anyone who has gone through the process please guide me

    Thank you
  3. I got my PCC from lahore yesterday. Complete story is as follows

    Take your 3 PP photographs, photocpy of first 5 pages of your PP, and Photocopy of your CNIC, all of these should be attested , photos should be attested from back.

    Go to SP security office (its same office for EVERYONE in lahore) its near District courts near Govt College University's new hostel. You go there ask them the PCC form. They will give you two forms, one in english and one in urdu, fill in the both the forms. and submit it to them, they will ask you which police station covers your address. they will issue give you a receipt and a date (normally 4-5 days away) to collect your certificates.

    Next day or may be same day in the evening some police persons from your relevant police station will call you and may come to your home for verification. pay them courtesly 100-200rs :)

    Then on the day when you have to collect certificates, you need to take your origional passport with you and you have to go there AFTER 12:30. It will take 1-2 hours on that day because they will print your data and will show you for your proof reading and then will give you the certificate :)
  4. The above said docs one urdu form and one english form is right, but I did't go for such hastle, just give 1000 to clerk in DPO office responsible for PCC, got the certificate after 3 days, no home verification, no need of 2 witness infront of local SHO, bla bla, Qaid-e-azam zinda bad.

    CHC know about it, thats why they got their own private agency, do their own style verification. All the best!
  5. no need of any witness. Police guy come to your home and check your ID card, nothing else.
  6. Anybody wants to get PCC he can contact me.

    Ch. Ejaz Ashraf Lawyer
    Email: worshipper1981@yahoo.com
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  7. How much is the fee for PCC?
  8. Free of cost. In lahore, when signing , SP asks if anybody has paid any fee? or if any one had to go to Police Station. If some1 answers yes, he notes the name and police station of the police official involved and issues them a show cause notice :). And ofcourse he will not do anything bad to you.

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