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pinoy care

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by batman, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. hey guys, i just want to ask if you heard about pinoycare. they are helping filipinos to go to canada.. is their anyone who experience their offers, services or applied to them?? pls reply
  2. Are you from Cebu? I highly suggest that you seek the advice of the Canadian Consul based in Cebu so he can tell you the status of pinoycare with regards to catering applicants for Canadian immigration. I've heard some feedback of that agency but better still ask the expert. ;) ;) ;)
  3. i've read in one forum that you can find some feedbacks regarding pinoy care in allnurses.com..

    beware of MERCAN ha!!! there are so many applicants who availed their service for immigration & even for working visa but very unluckily GOT REFUSED by CIO.They're just after your cash downpayment which is not refundable & after that they will submit your application to CIo w/ out even fixing & making sure that it's flawless, that's why refusal / rejection will come your way.
  4. hello guys! meron ba dito na mga taga davao who have experienced the services of pinoy care visa center? How credible are they? i would like to hear from you.
  5. The best and the only way to check their credibility is to see if they are enlisted as accredited consultants for canada immigration by CIC. Visit the CIC webiste and check if they have license. Regards.

  6. CIC accredited consultants are listed in the link below:

  7. Hello batman and redapple..... i would suggest that you attend their orientation so you can hear what they can offer and of course company's history. Everyone has their own story or experience to tell against one company to another. It would be fair to both parties if you listen to them first hand so they can justify their names. Are you from Davao? where did you hear pinoycare?
  8. Hi everyone. Just a suggestion, if you have time to do the application yourselves, then I encourage that you do it on your own. It will spare you your precious cash. The process is simple and you just need time to read and understand written in CIC. I recently created a site Migrate Here which hopefully can help those who are seeking information about Canadian immigration. It's still a work in progress, but there is enough information that you can start with from there. Good luck!
  9. So many cooks spoil the soup. when you cook the soup alone you will taste the salt , before adding more salt. But if they are 2 cooks, a 2nd cook miht add salt without knowing that the first cook has added salt already.

    Do it yourself. We are here for each other. Post any question and you will be answered or helped.
  10. Happy New Year Guys!

    I regret that I chose Pinoycare coz i did the documents all by myself plus there were some mistakes on my final docs..(no further comments--makes my head crack with disapointments*
  11. still hopeful for 2012,keeping my fingers crossed:):):)
  12. So Pinoycare should rename their agency to Pinoycareless :p

    Better to apply with your OWN, forumers here are much reliable and costless .... but priceless. ;D
  13. :eek: pinoy care lodged my papers without telling me how many points i have.. turned out my application got declined because i only got 61 points.. had i known that i did reach the points and the embassy fee was nonrefundable , i should have not asked them to lodge my papers yet. PINOY CARELESS INDEED..guys better apply on CIC and not on this agency.. wel yeah they have many successful applicants but others too are left dismayed.......
  14. Do it yourself. We are here for each other. Post any question and you will be answered or helped===SECOND THE MOTION
  15. Hi guys!!

    I just want to share our experience with pinoycare. We signed up with a processing fee of 68K. Ang sabi andun na lahat, free IELTS review (primary applicant lang). But other than that, we cannot really justify where our money is going. They havent given us any breakdown for our payment. And their spotcash (upon signing up for them) increases for matter of months. We appreciate their effort on updating and reminding us of our lacking requirements. We did comply and when we were down to our last requirement, which was the bank certificate, we got a TEXT message, ang sabi: We are sorry to inform you that the Nurses category have been closed. Yun lang, walang call, walang email, text lng talaga. We paid 68K for that?! Tapos yung "document analyst" namin, seemed like she's not sure what she is doing. One time she had given us a wrong instruction regarding our bank certificate, then she called and apologizes that nagkamali sya. Para kaming balik pabalik-balik sa bank. Then if we needed some updates, it would take the rest of the day for her to reply. We have reported her several times to their CEO. Had she given us a clear view of things, informing us that malapit na mapuno ung category ng nurses, cguro umabot pa kami dun. And we cannot take our money back bcos they have let us signed a MOA regarding that. Kaya totoo ung sabi nila sa seminar nila that they have zero pending cases in the court! Ganun sila ka wise. Sana nakining na lang kami sa mga sabi ng iba tungkol sa pinoycare. Sabi nila wala pa raw mga na dedeny kai ung CEO nila may maraming connections, pero truth is, marami ng nadedeny. Pina pa sign nila ng waiver ung gusto mag push through sa mga applications against their protocol (para safe sila if ever madedeny ka). Truth is, they dont really care about you. Magaling lang sila sa marketing strategy nila. Tipong madadala ka talaga lalo na't gustong gusto mo mag migrate. We havent heard from there until now, huling sabi nila is "to wait for another guidelines."

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