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Permanent Resident Application Canada

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by sue07, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Good Day:

    I would like some clarification regarding the Permanent Resident application process.

    After receiving the AIP, sending out the application for the Open Work Permit,
    and applying for the SIN soon after, what other documents (besides the ones listed below) are required to obtain the Permanent Resident Card ?? I believe i have to send the documents to CPC Vegreville

    Certificate of criminal record clearance
    Copies of AIP received
    PR Application form
    Payment receipt
    Supplementary form
    Copy of passport
    Copy of SIN form that has been processed

    Will the card be sent directly to my residential address?
  2. Hi

    Assuming you are an "in Canada spousal applicant" you don't do anything about the PR card, once you are "landed" at the local CIC they will process your PR card and you will receive in the mail about 30 days later.

  3. Thank you so much for the response
    Yes i am on "common law" sponsorship ....
    Another thing though , once i receive the AIP , can i send
    the documents for both the Open Work Permit and PR Processing at the same time , though
    i wont be able to submit for the SIN application before ?
  4. Hi

    When your application and sponsorship were sent to Vegreville, that was your PR application. You should have sent the application for an Open Work Permit with the application, but once you receive AIP you can send the application to Vegreville. You can't apply for a SIN until you have the work permit. For the SIN you go to a Service Canada office with your passport and work permit.

  5. Thanks again . But to obtain your PR card, i do need to send a seperate form with the supplementary form and required documents attached as per my first email? Sorry am a little confused
    Please advise ...
  6. Hi

    Read the previous reply YOU DON"T APPLY FOR A PR CARD. It is processed when you are "landed" at an Immigration office.

  7. Thank you for the clarrification . Do u know the link to the site where i could download the form for an open work permit ?
    Or is the Form sent together with the AIP , once approved ..
    Please advise
  8. Respected sir/madam
    subject applied for permanet Resident in canada
    my self mohammad salman .i am from india.i have done three years diploma in hotel management.i have 5 years exprency in hotel field.sir right know i am working in saudai arbia as a continental chef.my detail fowlling
    name mohammad salman
    D.O.B 5th march 1984
    fathers name mohammad salman
    psport ditels ;pasport number f2250969
    validity 2015
    place of issue patna
  9. Good Afternoon, is it possible to start the filing process for PR if Im still living in the United States? I want to file for my husband and daughter as well. If that is possible, how long is that process?
  10. Spousal sponsorship and immigration processing in Buffalo is from 4-10 months
  11. Even if im a Citizen of the USA and still live in USA?
  12. Since you are not Canadian citizen, you are not eligible to sponsor your husband under spousal sponsorship and application. You can try skilled workers http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/index.asp or pnp immigration, though.

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