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Passport requested together with Medical and Police clearance

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by PallMall, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Good day, Im a newbie inhere and this my 1st post. I want to hear from people who might have same experience with my situation as of now. My medical exam and police clearance expired. Now the CIC sent me an E-mail requesting to submit my passport as well us to SUBMIT OR DO IT AGAIN OUR MEDICAL RESULT AND POLICE CLEARANCE (because expired already, btw it is family sponorship, they gave us 45 days to submit and we did completed and submitted 25 days only). The Doctor sent our medical result (for 2nd time) and received by the embassy Feb. 14, 2013,,,, it is ahead of 2 weeks when we re-submit the police clearance. ( the doctor automatically submit the result to the embassy soon the result comes out). We completed all the requested document Feb. 26 and submitted it, getting police clearance take more than 1 week thats why the medical result and police clearance is impossible to receive same time by the embassy. Now my concern is, how many weeks we suppose to get the result of our application. it is now April 15. anyone of you here have same experience that can make me little feel relax,,hehehehe,,thank you
  2. Which visa office? Inland or outland? Is this a spousal sponsorship application?
  3. Manila office family sponsorship TY

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