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Passport 2 months to expire, need some advice

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by hksan01, May 6, 2012.

  1. Hello all,

    As of today, my passport is valid until July 31, 2012. And I've got all my CEC documents ready.

    Should I go ahead and submit the application?

    or Should I renew my passport first?

    And my work permit is valid until July 31, 2013, Will my passport renewal affect my work permit? (such as different passport number, etc?)

    Note: I'm holding British Passport, only ID is required to send for renewing passport, so I can keep my passport with me during the process.

    Please advice,

    Thank you

  2. My family's passports were to be renewed ~4 months after the application was filed. No problems.

    There could have been a major CF though: once they got new passports, I sent the info to the Buffalo consulate via case-specific inquiry. Of course, Buffalo forgot to update the file, and when the file was transferred to Ottawa, the first note VO made on the file was regarding the expired passports. Luckily, my GCMS request went through a few days later, and I was able to call CIC Ottawa on the same day and get everything back under control.
  3. You can submit your application if it is ready.

    As for your work permit, PMM should answer this, but I think you're OK, I would just advise carrying both (new and expired) passports when entering/exiting Canada.
  4. Thank you so much guys~
  5. Doesn't matter. Go ahead submit yoru application. But make sure to update the visa office by sending them a copy of your new passport as soon as you have, and I suggest do it as soon as you can. I got my passport renewed 7 months ahead of time and the reason i told them that i dont know when CIC will call me for visa stamping or whatever.

    So, if you will not send a copy or update the visa office it can possible delay the process. But in reality it should'nt unless when you send your expired passport for stamping and you will never do that.

    So, just make sure you get it renewed Asap and update the visa office so it won't delay your application in any case.

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