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Pakistan Application Forum................

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Hot-Lier, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Hi Dear............

    I think that we all from pakistan should come at this forum and keep updating our history and issues that we can easily understand and make solutions.
    Also we can add each others at hotmail messanger.

    Application Dat: 16th, June 2008
    AOR: 22, August, 2008
    NOC: 0631-0632
    Documents Sent: 04th, May, 2009

    No Reply Till to date.
  2. salam paksitan!!

    Preparing my application under NOC 0213 and going to attempt IELTS in few weeks time.

    please keep this thread alive.
  3. Best of luck for ur IELTS cut...i beteer recomend AEO AND Offcource general trainning. and one important advise that if any have a short of numbers through IELTS then the other thing is to go through french language cource that really helps a lot and increases the value of your application.
  4. Salaaaam Pakistan

    My timeline
    Application filled: 1 sep 2008
    AOR recieved: 13 sep 2008
    Initial assessment recieved: 25 march 2009
    Document sent: 25 May 2009
    please keep updating your case at following link
  5. No News and updates where is Pakistan
  6. As our CHC is sleeping ,its hard to run this thread .Most of us have submitted documents but not recieved anything from CHC,Isb.I think that Fast Track has nothing to do with CHC,Isb,they are not in the mood to fast track the Applications.Having seen Narinder got his Passport Stamped within 6 months,we can clearly see where we are standing.CHC,New Dehli is really doing some great job but our CHC is simply in-capable.
  7. Salam everyone

    This is a good initiative by Hot-Lier. I would also encourage all Pakistanis to participate.

    My application status:
    Sent application to Sydney NS: 9th March 2009
    Received AOR/recommendation from Sydney: 3rd April 2009
    Full application sent to CHC Islamabad: 5th June 2009

    If anyone has any questions related to CIC Sydney's process, please feel free to post here and I'll try to answer to the best of my knowledge.

    Wish you all a smooth and successful application process.
  8. LOL Imran. I would not be that judgmental because I think its too early to say anything in regards to the fast track application process :)

    Secondly, as much as I hate to say this but there are so many document forgeries and "do numberies" in Pakistan that I really cannot blame CHC to carefully check each application. I am sure that most of the time they take is the time taken to do background, documents and reference checks etc.
  9. Imran this is too quick to pass comments regarding CHC, iSLAMABAD ABOUT FAST TRACK PROCESSING. We also have to understand the CHC iSLAMABAD IS DOING WORK WITH LIMITED FORIEGNER STAFF BECAUSE OF THE CURRENT CIRCUMUSTANCES in islamabad. but still it is going fine and i hope that InshaAllha sooner we will get good news about our application ....just keep our finger crossed and keep liasian at this forum to help and update each other in every aspect.
  10. I have met with a person yesterday whos working at Canadian Consulate,Karachi and guess what ,he told me that there was no activity at CHC,Isb until yesterday and they have just started processing and reviewing Applications from yeaterday,rather they have resumed their activity yesterday and again he told me that CHC is short of staff so Fast Track might not work here in Isb until unless CHC gets shifted to Abu Dhabi,thats also one thing that is under consideration by CIC.
  11. Thnaks God finally honeymoon is over in CHC, ISLAMABAD AND THEY ARE BACK TO WORK :)
  12. Thanks to all of you who have participated in Pakistan Application Forum.
    Here is our timelines..

    Provincial Nominee Class Case

    Applied at CHC Islamabad: October 14, 2008
    Received Medical: March 09, 2009

    Still waiting for the PPR to come.. I hv called CHC Islamabad and they said average time after medical to PPR is 8-10 weeks. Our medical was done more than 12 weeks ago but heard nothing from them.. I think lack of staff is the reason behind this delay...
  13. Delay is one of the reasons............Otherwise High Commission normally does't specifies any time line to any of the paper work, that is open and offcource sometimes it is bit delayed and frustrated for applicants. Keep Alive this thread anyways to update CHC, Islamabad news to share our frustrations :)
  14. Hi all,

    My application status:
    Sent application to Sydney NS: 26th April 2009
    Received AOR/recommendation from Sydney: 02 June 2009

    Now i am facing great trouble. I can't send full application to islamabad since i have not taken IELTS and French exams yet and on my inquiry French Alliance told me that it would take a year to pass Basic french level 1 to 3 and later needed to appear in TEF exam too. I have only 120 days and it seems to me better if i withdrawl my case and apply again.

    Any sugguestions? I am afraid in near future they would change 38 occupations. And without French i can't qualify for 67 points. What should i do now? How long would it take to get my fees back? and how to say to them return my fees? I have sent them email but they are not replying.

    Name: Muhammad Salman

    Age: 24

    Nationality: Pakistani

    Profession: Petroleum Engineer

    Education: BS Petroleum Engineering & Management

    Working experience: less than two years

    Languages: Advance English/ Basic French (Need to pass exams)

    My sister is Canadian citizen living in Edmonton

    Avaiable funds: CAD $ 12000
  15. And on CIC website it is written that

    Obtained a three-year diploma, trade certificate or apprenticeship (other than university) and completed at least 15 years of full-time or full-time equivalent studies

    I have completed 16 years of education. May i obtain 22 ponits?

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