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On student visa, can I bring my husband and son on dependent visa?

Discussion in 'International Students' started by ajayesh, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    I am a dentist from India. I want to pursue masters in Dentistry in Canada. I will be applying for a student visa. My question is - Can I bring my husband and 2 year old son on a dependent visa to Canada? Is that possible? What are my options? Request you to please guide me.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. As you apply for your own student visa, you can apply for your husbands open work permit to accompany you and a TRV for your child. In that case, the visa officers are encouraged to see you as a family unit and either approve or refuse you all.

    Another option is that you first apply for a student visa which you may get based on small risk of overstay since you are leaving your husband and child behind and after you get your student visa, your husband and child can apply but in that case, it is possible that the husband and child are refused.
  3. Hi,
    Even I am facing the same problem here. I am a software engineer in India.My wife has got admission into UofR. We want to travel together as in your case.
    So, just facing a problem deciding as to how to apply, as a family or single student visa.

    Anyways, what bout u? how did u apply? wat was the result??
    Please post a reply as it will help me.

    Thank You,
  4. Hi,

    I am in Canada now for two months. I initially wanted to apply with my family but then everyone said no as it is risky. I applied alone and got through without any problems. I have my husband and two kids back home. I am now wondering if I did the right thing as now it is a concern for me if they will get the visa applying on their own. I was thinking of applying for OWP and TRV for the kids but then you hear people say no, apply for visitor's visa and then when they get here apply for OWP, I dont know what to do. We have limited funds, so I am thinking that he will be here not working for 2-3 months and then there is a chance that he might not get the work permit and have to go back home to no job. I am glad I got my study permit because I really wanted to go to school but then I missing my family alot. Follow your gut feeling, pray about it God will help you to make the right decision. Any advice from anyone.
  5. Hi:

    I am from Pakistan and I received my admission in McGill in MMM program. I got a visa with my wife and two children. I can't apply my self because in visa applicatio there is alot of thing which I don't know, even I have so many visit visa but in this case I hired a consultant.

    He is very young guy, before I met him I think he will waste my time but after discussion he is Canadian citizen and doing consultancy since last 12 years.

    I just find him because his office on main road in Islamabad, he never advertize in news paper etc.

    I think you should contact him his email address is almascs@gmail.com.

    Be aware he is very stick guy because according to him master student should ask master level question not high school level which I agree as well.
  7. Hi i will be going to canada in @ 2weeks for my PG. its a 1 yr course. i wanted to apply for my wife's visa also. but am i allowed to take her as a spouse on my student visa. from what i have read i need to show strong financials for that. also do i need a student work permit to even start the process?
  8. Hi am in a same situation, have you got spouse visa? please update your status
  9. Hi guys, can someone help me because I'm confuse right now.
    I am a visitor in Canada, while I'm staying here, my sister-in law offered me and wants to help me to pursue my studies here. Now, I want to take a Massage Therapy program from Medix College, already have a letter of acceptance, financial capabilities won't be any problem since i have a support from my sister.
    Now, my question is, if ever my student visa got approved, can my child go to school too and get a free education here in Canada
    Second, can my husband also apply for his Open Work permit regardless of my chosen course which only a 2 year diploma? (not a degree or masters)

    Thanks in advance.
  10. Yes, if you get a study visa, you can apply for a TRV and study permit for minor for your son and your husband can apply for an open work permit based on your permit. However, immigration still reserves the right to deny permits if they believe that you are a risk to overstay in Canada if you have your family with you.
  11. Hi,
    Thanks for posting this info on this forum,
    this is really useful information.

    I have few queries here. Pls try to provide your knowledge for this.

    a) If someone plans to apply for a 3 sem course with any Canadian college, then how much period of study visa will be granted to him?

    b) Also how much period of PGWP will this person get after completion of his course?

    c) Are there any ways, by which his spouse can accompany him during the entire period of his study visa?

    d) What may be the reason/s of any international student not getting work permit for his/her spouse?

    Thanks for your replies in advance. :)
  12. Hiii

    I m from Vapi

    I am having some quarry. I m going to apply in September intake only.
    Can you pls tell me in which course u have applied? and what is your study background.

    As after completing my graduation i m applying for Diploma course as i got 6 Band only in IELTS.
    Is their any chances of refusal ???

    Thank you in advance.
  13. a. He'd get enough time in order to complete his program but he would have to show that he can pay his tuition, can support himself for at least 6 months and is not a risk to overstay. He would be eligible immediately for an off campus work permit that would allow him to work up to 20 hrs. a week during the semester or full time during weeks that he doesn't have classes.

    b. He would normally get a 3 year PGWP after a course of 2 years or longer.

    c. He can apply for an open work permit for his spouse to accompany him from the start. If granted, she stays with him the whole time during his studies. After switching to an open permit himself, PGWP, he would have to prove that he is holding a skilled job in order for his wife to continue on an open work permit.

    d. Overstay issues would be the most common.
  14. Thank you Sir for your reply.

  15. Hi!.. my husband is in Canada. He completed his masters and now he is planning to apply for PR. I want to know that in the mean time can I apply for a student visa in Canada? we want the procedure that is fastest and PR will take atleast 15 months so instead of applying for my PR with him, is it possible that i apply for a student visa? will my visa b rejected because my husband lives in Canada and will be applying for PR? please help me.

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