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OHIP - with COPR as proof of residency - when does it start?

Discussion in 'Health' started by Victorfoxtrot, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Hello all

    I have a few questions regarding applying for OHIP and when exactly the 3 month wait period starts from.

    I received my COPR papers in the post yesterday. I applied outland via London,UK, but have been living in Ontario since July 2010 (albeit having made 3 trips back to the UK during that time, the most recent was 14 Dec - 6 Jan 2012).

    My intention was to register for OHIP by taking my COPR along, since it says on the document list that OHIP provides, that COPR is an acceptable form of proof of residency. My question is though, will the OHIP care kick in 3 months after the date I register - so saying I do that tomorrow on 23 Feb, it would go live 23 May....OR does it kick it 3 months after I actually land? In which case how will they know when I have landed, will I have to go to the office again? I was going to call the CIC number and book an appointment to land at an office in Canada, but I understand there is usually a wait for this. Basically I want OHIP to start asap, so am wondering if I should drive to the border to expedite things, or whether or not that is really necessary?

    Also I read elsewhere (but think this is just for inland applicants) that if you take along the sponsorship approval letter - which I have (dated 4 Nov 2011), then they will back date the OHIP to start 3 months from that date. Is this true or an urban myth?
  2. I can't answer your first question. But it's an interesting one given the recent change in how visas are issued.

    For your second question, the approval letter bit applies to inland applicants only (unfortunately).
  3. Damn I thought so - wishful thinking. I will go tomorrow and register in any case with my COPR and update what happens.
  4. The 3-month waiting period starts from the day you register for OHIP.

    I don't know if a CoPR (w/o landing) will allow you to apply for OHIP. But you are not a PR if you haven't landed yet. Before proving your residence, Service Ontario will seek for your Canadian immigration status (i.e. work permit, proof of immigration). If you are simply a visitor and not on WP; you may not be eligible at all since you did not become PR.

    Besides, I couldn't find CoPR as one of the docs listed as a proof of residency
    (Ref: http://www.forms.ssb.gov.on.ca/mbs/ssb/forms/ssbforms.nsf/GetFileAttach/014-9998E-82~1/$File/9998-82E.pdf)
  5. I'm very sure that you can only apply for health care after you have landed. Your COPR is not complete before landing (because you don't sign it before). You can apply with your COPR after landing and don't have to wait for your PR-card though.
  6. It's not on List 2 Proof of Residency, it appears on List 1 Proof of Citizenship/Ohip Eligible Status. It appears under the Permanent Residents/landed Immigrant section.

    I understand now, it's just when you see it written there, it made me wonder whether i could go and register prior to landing, since it doesn't actually say the COPR must have been signed. But I get it now - they include COPR as proof of eligibilty because as ElizabethJoe says, it means you don't have to wait another 4-6 weeks for the PR card. We're off to Buffalo tomorrow for a trip and I will land on Sunday, then head to the OHIP office Monday morning.
  7. OK all is clear. I landed as PR on 26 Feb, and registered today for OHIP with the signed COPR. My OHIP is due to start 3 months from my landing date and not the date I registered for OHIP. I would definitely not have been able to register for OHIP having not previously landed. They key is to land asap.
  8. What kind of proof of address did you use for residency? so you registered one day after landing? will they send it exactly 90 days?
  9. I used my Ontario Driving Licence to prove the address. I can't recall what else was in that document column - just go to the Ontario health website and there is a list of documents you need. Your COPR covers one column, your passport another column and then I think the third is your address - so I believe something like a tenancy agreement or a bank statement is acceptable.

    The person processing mine said the card would arrive in the mail a few days prior to my OHIP beginning.
  10. Did this person give the OHIP number or any proof that you applied while you waiting??
  11. Hi Victorfoxtrot-

    Just wanted to let you know that I talked to the head office in Toronto re: applying for OHIP outland. They stated that I would be able to take my sponsorship approval letter, along with a letter from VO on government letterhead stating that they are working on finalizing application and then some proof of identity docs to Service Ontario and I am eligible to apply for OHIP. I have no confirmed this twice but haven't been able to apply yet as I've been sick. Ironic, right? :) The manager I spoke with said that a lot of employees at Serv ON are not aware of this and might give you problems. She said if that happens to advise them of who I spoke with and to have them call head office. Just wanted to share the information I received with you. Once I am able to go and apply, I will let you know how it turns out. Thanks!

  12. I dont mean to bump an old thread, but was just wondering if you finally managed to get ohip?

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