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october 2011 applicant join here!!!!

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by shruti_shri, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. hey guys i sponsored my husband on october 7th so i have joined the waiting line....join this forum and update me about urs too.....
  2. I hope to join this group soon! We are in the process of doing our application and if I get my police clearance gets in this month, then we'll send the application asap :)
  3. october is finally here and we are still waiting..
  4. I just sent in my application in late September and the application arrived at CPC-M on 3 October 2011....hopefully I will hear from them very soon. :-*

    Outland Application from Hong Kong
  5. Hi, my wife sponsored me last week and we posted everything to Mississauga from the UK on the 8th. I'm very excited now since it took us a while to fill in the application forms! I have been tracking my package online and its in Canada already (not sure where in Canada!) I will keep everyone posted on the status!
  6. Hey UKGary, join this thread....


    ... there are plenty of others to lend moral support during this long wait.

    Congrats on getting the application sent, what a relief right?
  7. Thanks for this Pinklady, there is a lot of excellent info on there also I am very glad to see the spreadsheet you are keeping, even though my application could take up to 10 months according to the CIC website it is a relief to see some applications can be done in as little as 4 months.
  8. Yeah, unfortunately the stage 1 sponsor approval is taking upto 69 days the the moment, it used to be around 35 so not sure why the time doubled over the last month or so. And average for processing in London is about 3 months, so total 5-6 months. Not too bad, and much better than the inland processing times.
    Just be patient, you'll get there :)
  9. Good luck Octoberans! Hopefully the wait time is way down soon and you won't have this hellacious wait that we're dealing with!
  10. I sent in my application on 5th October and I am doing outland. Yes, lets keep each other posted.
  11. Hi everyone,

    I also submitted my application to sponsor my wife and 2 children, it was shipped/received to CPC-M on October 7th 2011.

    Good luck to all and God bless.
  12. Applied inland..Application received 12th october 2011 by cpc vegreville!! good luck to all
  13. awor: - hey when did u apply for sponsorship and from whr? i mean whr does ur spouse live?
    hey i have a question after how many day/months do i get to see my status of my application?
  14. <---- See my profile info.
    I'm American, sponsor Canadian. Filed Aug 26.

    You won't see anything - at all - on ecas until the file is transferred to the local VO.
  15. hi guys! i hope my husband will be able to submit our application next week. still waiting for his Option-c and employment letter. hoping i could join soon. goodluck to us!

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