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North york or Mississauga

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Rahuldost, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Hi we are new Indian immigrants immigrating from middle east this April i have one daughter aged 12 we are confused where do we start the life in Canada narrowed down to North york or Mississauga any suggestions priority is child education job will follow after few months . which is safer and well connected and diverse culture ?
  2. really interesting topic
  3. I have heard Missisauga is better in terms of IT jobs.
    For any other area, not sure. It depends how far you are willing to travel for your job.
  4. I recommend looking for a job before you decide for good where to settle. I remember a couple on this forum who said they immigrated and picked a nice area to live in, settled there with their kids and then realized after starting their job search that there were no jobs in that area except minimum wage.
  5. Thank you all for your Reply i don't think JOB is the priority in first Six months my family would want to settle understand the culture and pick up some volunteer service or Canadian education and than think about working which will take up to six months and i would be supporting them.
    keeping that in mind Education of child comes first would you please advise which neighborhood will be more accommodating and secure for them to stay alone .
  6. I would vote for North York. Earl Haig Secondary School in North York is one of the best high school of Greater Toronto Area.
  7. As per my friends, Mississauga has good schools, Job opportunities and diverse culture.
    Consider Sir Leon's suggestion also as all the schools in Toronto are equally good.


  8. No, you are wrong. Some schools in Toronto are better than others. Check the school ranking report cards from Fraser Institute.


    Please refrain from providing advice when you have no clue what you are talking about.
  9. Thank you steaky.

    Your advise is well taken.

    Right now I am not in Canada and landing only in March.

    In this forum, even if we are wrong, some times, we only give a suggestion not an advise or verdict.
    People weigh all the suggestions & take their own decision.

    You are there as senior to correct & guide when juniors are wrong. How do we learn otherwise.
    I request you to be more polite next time when you are pointing somebody is wrong or correcting them.
    Some people get scared and stop suggesting at all if they see your arrogance!

    People here do judge seniors based on what they post and respect/rate them accordingly.

    Thanks once again.


  10. On the subject of schools, those new to Canada should also be aware that often you can only attend a school if you live close to it and this is the school for your neighbourhood (if you are in the district covered by that school). For example, just because you live somewhere in Mississauga doesn't mean your children can attend any school in Mississauga. Everyone knows which schools are the "good" or "better" public schools and those schools fill up quickly. If you want to attend one of those schools, usually you must be living in the immediate neighbourhood that is covered by that school. So if you find a school you want your children to attend, do the research to find out where you must be living to qualify.
  11. I am sure you can find a good school in pretty much any city in Canada. My advise would still be to look for a good job and when you find it, locate the best school in that area and move there. If you have a good job, you could even send your child to a private school.

    Doing it in reverse, you would locate the best school in Canada, move there and then see if you can find a job in that area but the problem with that is that if you can not find a decent job there, you will end up going through your savings and end up having to move to another area anyway.
  12. Thank you so much Leon , scylla, mycan , steaky
    I mean no harm and I respect the honest opinion given by all defiantly decision will be mine and I would hold no one responsible for giving his or her opinion .
    The practical approach is that to find a job and then look for the best school in the neighborhood and then pick up the house . as suggested by Leon. my situation is slightly different as I have only three weeks to make my family comfortable and I might have to come back to my current location.
    Please note we would be landing in middle of the school session April hence we would only think about job in the next session (Sept) for now priority is a Good neighborhood and education
    My wife may take some time to start working as she had some break in her carrier and she would only restart once my child settles in , and she gains some Canadian experience & Education and help herself and contribute to the community for some time . We feel though it will have some financial impact but it is very important to understand the place and the people where you wana call a new home and you should be part of the community .
    So we will surely consider as suggested by Leon but ( after Sept)
    After lots of research I narrowed down on North York Or Mississauga as option but slightly confused . as both have lots of plus and minus
    I know that the best option is to see it yourself and take a call but wanted to take opinion on what the veterans feel as both me and my wife are currently divided on this issue ??? though I know wife always wins ;D-------------- on a serious note I would appreciate your suggestions
  13. If you are going back to homeland to work for a while, I can understand your thinking in looking for a good school. A safe neighbourhood can be found in any city in Canada so that is not really something to worry about. You would just have to pick a city whether it is North York or Mississauga or somewhere else and then look for an apartment or a house, keeping in mind how the neighbourhood looks, how the people look and don't be afraid to ask the neighbours if it is a safe area. If there is a store or a gas station in the area, you can also ask them. Stores and gas stations are open late so they can tell you if they feel safe walking home after their shift. If you visit the local school of that neighbourhood, you can also ask them what their neighbourhood is like.

    The only problem with your plan of looking for good school over job-rich area is that once you come in Sept. the school year will have started again after the summer. Your daughter will be a full blown teenager and will have settled in and have friends already so if you want to move at that time, there will be some tears and tantrums for sure. However, you are the parents and she will survive for sure. Whatever you decide, good luck to you :)
  14. Thank you so much for your response and wishes leon I hear you and you have a practical approach
    The main reason that I am moving my family is to find a stable base I have been on the move ever since my child was born and we change country every few years this will be her 6th move and I promised her no more moves 2 more max . in next three years
    I am attracted towards the North York region as I feel it is well connected to Toronto and has better schools . so my wife would have a larger geographical coverage for Job Search as she is from the service industry so presence of Subway will keep her mobile
    while I feel though Mississauga will limit her mobility but she will be more comfortable as there are loads of Indian grocery stores and cultural activity will be higher as compared to North York ( I mean Indian festivals . place of worship etc) and is comparatively cheaper . we would have to buy a car soon if we choose Mississauga. ;) so do you think my thought regarding North york is right ?

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