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New Zealander seeking advice....PR application sent but my WHP expiring

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JasmineJid, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Hi there,

    I need some assistance as my husband who is a canadian PR sponsored my in canada application on sep 2011 for a pr. We came here together last year and i came here on my WHP from New Zealand which will expire in may 2012. Our application status is still "application received" as it is taking them about 11 months to just approve the 1st stage ( so probably not approved until august 2012). My NZWHP will expire by then. I have a full time permanant job ( my dream job) that i am currently in. I spoke to CIC several times to inquire that if i send an open work permit application to extend my current work permit and while my 1st stage is being approved can i work under implied status. And all the time they said "yes" even after mentioning my NZWHP and client id number to them.

    My question is that will i be able to work under that implied status from may2012- august or sept 2012. I have sent through the open work permit extension form to change the status. I have also received correspondence that they have received my open work permit application and that they will contact me in 60 days.

    Can anyone help, am i legally allowed to work then as per Cic call centre
  2. If you apply for renewal of your work permit in April, before the expiry of your current WP, probably a decision will be made by six (6) months. That means you will be under implied status till that time which is September 2012. That is what you need.
  3. Hi Wilson,

    Thanks for looking into this for me, but can i go under implied status even if i apply for open work permit on NZWHP, which is non extendable?
    For my open work permit i was told by cic i dont require LMO as it is along with my spousal pr application.

    How can i prove the implied status to my employer?

    Plz help
  4. Without a new permit, you won't be able to renew your SIN, and without a valid SIN your employer can't pay you. Usually it's no issue to just continue working if you can manage to go without pay and then just collect a big cheque after successful renewal. Not sure what would happen if they rejected the renewal, though. I'm surprised they send you a letter about having received your owp application, I always thought they will get get rejected if processed independently from the inland pr application?
  5. I am a New Zealander and came here on the NZ WHP. I applied for PR and am still going through the process. They told me to send the extension for the work permit with my application for PR and I could just continue working under implied status, even with no "proof" for my employer, until a decision is made. My employer however wasnt aware of this and made me jump through a few hoops to allow me to keep my job. I gave me work copies of the applicatioin for PR and the extension to my work permit, and gave them a link on cic website that said it was ok. That should be enough for them.

    The real issue for us kiwis trying to immigrate here is getting the police certificate. The method is seriously flawed. Ive sent about 6 requests for it, all registered mail, all spaced a few months apart since may 2010, still havent received anything back yet! They just changed the method though so instead of sending it to the police in wellington, you send it to cic and they contact the police. hopefully this way works. its all i need to wait for.

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