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New List of NOC for 2012-2013

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by kaleemh, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. Can anyone predict or have some news that what will be new NOC list for Jul 2012 to Jun 2013? I am an IT professional but couldn't find my job title(s) in the current listing of eligible NOCs at CIC.

  2. No one really can tell. But I don't want to dampen your spirit, but many says or predicted or sometimes opinionated that IT related jobs are unlikely to be included next year. But who knows! They maybe wrong.

    But I personally advise you to consider and research about the Provincial Nominee Program, another way to go to Canada. It's better to have options. :D
  3. Its less likely to include IT occupation but you never know their shortage.
    Just wait few months, i hope they will announce new changes if any.
  4. Thank you all for your valuable comments and feedback.
  5. HI
  6. CIC is supposed to keep their existing list for the next year round
  7. Based on the developments of previous years, I expect there might be a decrease in the NOCs but the cap of 500 per NOC might remain. CIC has enough applications from different NOCs not just for 2 yrs but more than that. Just speculating, will be wait to see the final list.
    Please explain PNP and is it faster then FSW2?
  9. Sorry I'm not knowledgable about PNP, that's why I'm suggesting in studying it. You can read and ask questions on the PNP forums here in canadavisa.com :)
  10. PNP is Provincial Nominee Program, once you apply through PNP then you finally have to submit your case in CIC. I am not sure it is faster than FSW
  11. Hi there!
    Can anyone tell about the probability for Architects staying in the 2012-13 list of FSW?

  12. Even I am interested in knowing. Any replies will be helpful.
  13. Can anybody tell when will be the "New List of NOC for 2012-2013" will be announced ???

  14. Inbetween June last week and July first week, on cic website.
  15. Thanks Nicholas :)


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