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* NEW FSW Points Criteria Announced & NEW Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC) *

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by OhCanadiana, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. @Kulwant Gill kite AUS / NZ wangu medical / healthcare license mandatory na kar den
  2. Can somebody help me find my score here.

    Age: 25
    Experience: 4 years
    Education : 4 years bachelors degree, Nursing
    IELTS :
    Listening: 8
    Reading : 7.5
    Writing : 7.5
    Speaking : 7

    No relatives in Canada. Married but my spouse doesnt have IElts.

    Thanks for those who replies!
  3. nae nae yaar es vaari ni krde keok eh bahut lamba process aa.. ha 2014 ch jaroor krnge..ohna ne announcement v kti a es bare.. ehna kol medical profession di bahut shortage a.. so es vari ni krde..
  4. study 23 as they r sayng that professionals will get 23 after assessment..
    age 12
    experiance 13
    list 6 (clb level 9)
    read 6 (clb level 9)

    writ and spk 6 (clb level 9)..
    total 72
    greatt score..wish u good luck..
  5. To All, Please Just Something

    I want to know all those who have made Updation & till date (More
    than 3 1/2 years have passed on), whether CIC New Delhi may have
    checked the files in details.

    as i have Updated Documents in late 2008 allocated marks to each
    section. i also recieved Ontario Pilot Backlog Project Invitation &
    forwarded all my documents to them but till date i have not got any
    invitation from them.

    So can you please throw some light with your background knowledge as
    what is the outcome of all those who have updated in 2008 from New

    In next hearing what will be the output whether it will be class
    action or lead management case. what can you predict from all these
    about the future of litigation.

    Waiting for your prompt response.
  6. thanks for your effort! I really appreciate it! The only unsure score will be on education, nonetheless, as long as i get 67 and up, I am okay with it!
  7. they will 23..no need to worry dear..
  8. I appreciate your response. just for being a bit more clear about this cr. assesment. is it mandetory to do it now?and if creditial assesment(!!) is must needed to apply for FSW than that means i have to wait untill the assesment report comes, or what is the rule. I saw somewhere that someone already assessed by canadan organisation. its confusing. :-[
  9. agree..
  10. I am also having one question
    My wife is not having any IELTS score and also she is beginner in English; we are from India and want to know that wheter it is mandatory for spouse also to score in IELTS for Fedearal route of visa application??
    Your guidance will be helpful.
  11. Please make an assessment

    Hi everyone..Can anyone please do assessment for me.?

    Age-29 yrs
    Education- 3 years Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery
    Experience- 4-5 yrs
    Blood relation-5 pts
  12. for 4 years Bachelor degree you'll get 21 because more than that is for Masters (18 y.o education)
  13. Any Update for credentials verifying agencies?

  14. check again..they specially mentioned that for professtional digree..its 23...
  15. Points would be awarded based on the Canadian equivalent with the following distribution:
    Doctoral level: 25 points
    Master's level or professional degree: 23 points
    Two or more post-secondary credentials, one of which is a three-year or longer post-secondary credential: 22 points
    Three-year or longer post-secondary credential: 21 points
    Two-year post-secondary credential: 19 points
    One-year post-secondary credential: 15 points

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