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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by OhCanadiana, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Just look at here:
    my case..
    30/04:My docs were reached to WES. (per Courier tracking)
    02/05: Status changed to : Doc recd
    06/05: Staus changed to : Likely completion date : 14/05 and email was recieved offering upgrade to rush service of 3 days for extra payement of $100+ Tax= $113.
    06/05: Paymenet made opting rush service,
    06/05: status changed to : Report shall be mailed on 08/05

    ...Now, waiting for 08/05!

    So dear papmanindia,
    check your email - which was registered with WES. If you have opted the basic service initially, option to upgrade to 3 day rush service might be open to you now..

    keep the hope alive!!
    and Good Luck!

  2. Dear All,
    I have 6 years of experience as an Engineering Manager(Electrical) , NOC 0211.

    My previous position was Deputy Manager(Electrical)- where in most functions remains similar but at some junior level of responsibilities and also includes execution, supervision etc., -

    My query is what NOC code should i put in the application form IMM0008_3e- (Schedule 3 : Economic Class) for my previous occupation of Deputy Manager.

    Any help, Please.
  3. Then I'd say fill it with your Australian PR card info. Wouldn't that be alright?
  4. Please tell me what you think:

    To guarantee my return to Canada, when I was in Canada, I applied for a visa and got it but I never used it, that means I had to cancel my flight and not leave Canada to Iran. Should I point this out in a cover letter for Travel Information?
  5. So we'er three Iranian, and all of us are applying for the same NOC. Hopefully we all get through :)

    I also didn't fill that part and left it blank.
  6. Please help
    I have been to UK for 7 months in the last 5 years. Should I produce the PCC from UK also. This trip was 1 year before.

    Thaks in advance
  7. Awesome! WE WILL. No doubt, period! :D

    Oh don't forget to help me with my question in my previous post please... It's really urgent. ;)
  8. Do I need to show full funds required by CIC? I mean I am supposed to show $23K but at the time of submitting application can I show some assets for example car, and gold?
  9. Hi Fellows,

    My current ECA application status with WES is "Documents received - review in progress"
    Can anyone please share how I can change my WES application to fast track for 3 days time?

    Appreciate your response in advance.


  10. Hey i m also facing the same problem..
    but some from the forum suggested to use separate sheet to mention the info which do not fit in to the box.. and yes we can use same sheet to ans many question..
    but make sure you also make a table in separate sheet as given in the form.. so that they can have clear idea.and fill the details only which you are not able to accommodate in form table.

    so i have done the same.
  11. use B.Tech and ComputerEngg. it fits
  12. Hi Rshahamiri, Nice to meet you :)

    Idoit sorry I have no idea about your question :(

    I wish applying for Canada was online! We logged all our documents to AU online 5 years ago! I hate paper works and post stuff :(
    I paid a lot of money for 2-3 days posting but it is 6th day and still my documents are on the way to WES :( do they use boat instead of plane?!
  13. Guys if I sent the new pack with new forms then will they reject both or only return the old pack? I mean do they record whose name on the form or simply whoever submit a wrong pack they will just return?
  14. Well, I thing you should wait untill you get confirmtion for your older forms. after you have the confirmation for your older forms then you will have option to add/ replace new forms.
  15. hello
    in this thread some one has asked about cover letter..
    can any one plz explain what is it?
    and where it is written on website for cover letter?

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