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New Delhi Passport Tracking Thread

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by ankit_20, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. I second that!

    Hi manish
    it was nice meeting you at ciip session.

    hope you get your visa very soon.

  2. congrats Gav for your visa !
    all of us in the forum were really waiting for the good news from you

  3. Thanks Charmi for the wishes..

    And indeed there was a real pleasure to meet you people at CIIP session.. I was thinking to send a greeting email to everyone who participate along with us, but couldnt find time, but will surely do it this week..

    Stay in touch and good luck for the settlement.. BTW did u start proceeding credential evaluation??

    - Manish

  4. Gav,

    Thanks brother for the tips, but couldnt get you exactly..

    BTW hows things going on?

    - Manish

  5. Manish - I am thinking not to check eCas this Tuesday atleast but will chk on Wed (Cann't wait for whole week). :)
    Good luck to all.
  6. no not yet. have u ?
  7. no.. I will still wait for the good news to arrive..

    Then after I will start the process, but your job is regulated, you must got to have them done, right?

    I will be looking upto you for the guidance as my wife is also lecturer in engineering college..


  8. 4131 is not a regulated occupation NOC. Credential evaluation is not mandatory for this NOC.
  9. Thanks yukon, for clarifying..


  10. Thanks gagan....will surely share the experience once i am there....


  11. Thanks Charmi.....My friend i totally believe that it was god n my friends at the forum because of i got it .....gods grace and your wishes :)

    God Bless

  12. Well brother.....things are busy like anything....running here n there......packing.....collecting things...shopping....making list.....its like i am getting my daughter married (Don't have a Kid as if now though :D)....in a nut shell....every day is busy and super tired in the night


  13. However with your NOC-0213, you might want to go for credential evaluation for better job prospects (although it is not mandatory). Pls. see this link:


  14. @ gav

    i totally agree...going in to a new country, place and setting up a new "base"....is hard....but i am sure u will manage well...

    all the best and good luck :)
  15. Thanks for the wishes brother......Really need all wishes from everyone...



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