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New CIC ONLINE Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) Application

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by arisudu, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. I was about to fill up paper application for TRV from inside Canada. I saw this recent update in CIC website http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/visa.asp

    Does anyone applied TRV through online? It has just activated on Dec 15th. I was wondering that you don`t have to send your passport and photograph? Not sure what it is. Apply Now link on the above link redirects to 404.

    Anyone with any information please let me know as I have to apply for TRV.
  2. Just realized today is 14th Dec. Need to check tomorrow Dec 15th to see how it works.
  3. Hi

    Should be interesting how the TRV is going to inserted in your passport if it is done electronically?
  4. Finger crossed. Let`s see how it works. Will be worried it`s just a mistake on the website :(
  5. Hi Arisudu,

    Any luck? I tried today this link & same error still exist.

    Is this process is applicable for those also who is applying for TRV/Work Permit from outside Canada?

    This Monday I am suppose to submit Visa application in VFS Bangalore.
  6. Do we have any Customer Care number from outside Canada Visa Application to confirm this?
  7. Hi

    No, only those with valid study/work permits in Canada.
  8. I've applied through online. I already have valid Work permit and Visa. Everything went well it took about 2-3 hours to complete and submit the application. Now waiting for the Visa to process. However, one advise is that all the IMM forms should be filled up in Acrobat reader then save the forms and directly upload to CIC. No need to take print and then sign and scan then re-upload. CIC online application will try to validate the form when you upload it so anything wrong will be rejected.
  9. How is the visa going to be stamped on the passport?

  10. Then how do we sign the form if we wont take out the print ?

  11. very curious, anyone applied for this yet? and is it really quicker than sending it to the office? Note that some of the oversea offices only require 5 days to issue the Visa.

    someone please let us know!!!
  12. Hi Everyone,
    Has anyone got new information about CIC online TRV application? I have completed the application but I am yet to send it electronically. I am applying for myself (inside Canada) and my wife (outside Canada) in one application because after completing the questionnaire, I was given all the necessary forms and required documents to be submitted.
    1. will the visa officers process both visas in Canada or outside Canada?
    2. which processing time will apply (inside =94 days and outside Canada=7days)
    2. I am not sure if I should state just one month stay for my wife application to enhance her chances of getting a visa or I should state the duration of my Post Graduate Work Permit which expires in 2015; my employment falls under O category.

    Every reply will be appreciated. Thank you
  13. Hi Mac

    I see our case is similar. i just applied for my TRV and I am in Canada and for my husban who is outside Canada. Not sure how this going to be processed and how long its gonna take and what are the chances ?

    Have you already submitted your application. Please keep posting if you hear anything from anywhere ? But I feel this is far more convenient.

  14. Hello Everyone,

    I just completed the online CIC TRV application for my wife and myself. Both of us are in Canada and have renewed work permits but our TRV's have expired along with our previous work permits. I used the online system rather than by mail, since it looks like it shaves 2 days off the processing time,

    New temporary resident visa
    (For valid Study or Work Permit holders ONLY) 16 days January 2, 2013 14 days January 4, 2013

    This is from the CIC processing times website.
    So I do not understand why Mac seems to think that the processing time is,

    "2. which processing time will apply (inside =94 days and outside Canada=7days)"

    Where are you getting that from Mac?

    Also we (my wife and I) had to apply separately as you cannot apply together for TRV, the online method does not allow this. However I confirmed with the call center that I can mail the passports together to the Ottawa office once the processing is completed and I am notified by e-mail to mail the passports. I assume that is how it works, although the person at the call center seemed to be in a bigger hurry to get me off the phone than to actually answer my questions, so this information is dubious at best. Has anyone here actually finished this process?

    1. I would like to know the following, approx. how long after your application was submitted using the online process, does the Ottawa office request your passport to be mailed?
    2. Can we overnight the passports and include a prepaid envelope for them to overnight the passports back to you?
    3. Is it possible that the passports are not required and that the Ottawa office will mail you the visa counterfoils that you will affix yourself I know that this seems silly, but the thought did occur to me after I read on the CIC website that the advantage of the online application is you save on mailing documents, here is an excerpt from the CIC website,
    "As of December 15, 2012, you may complete and submit your application online. Using our online services is quick and easy. The system guides and assists you while you complete your application, thus reducing errors that can cause additional processing delays. Applying online saves you time and money since there is no cost to mail your forms and documents."

    Any insight would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!!!
  15. Arisudu have you heard back from CPP-O? Did you have to mail them your passport? Have you received your Visa? Would really appreciate it if you could share your timeline.

    Thanks buddy.

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