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need help to fill out the IM5710

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by movie, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. I am currently filling up the form for extending my PGWP based on
    Operational Bulletin 485 - December 15, 2012
    Bridging Open Work Permits for Certain Federal Economic Class Applicants
    .. this new awesome rule

    however i have some quick questions i need to make sure. it might be a little dumb.

    1. On the 2nd page of the form at the end "Coming into canada" part question number 4 which is asking for my study or work permit document number. what is this document number? where do i find it on my work permit? is it UCI?

    2. They say i have to get Positive Eligibility Decision for my PR application. For my case CEC: the “Eligibility CEC” decision has been set to “Passed” or the Acknowledgement of Receipt letter/e-mail has been sent from CIO.
    What is this AOR. i know i sound dumb but i just want to be sure. the only email i got from CIO is saying that my application is complete and its being forwarded to a visa office. it also gives me my file number or application number. its also a reciept of the payment i made to them. is this email is AOR?

    Please let me know asap. i appreciate all the help. thanks.
  2. Yes, that is the AOR. Your permit should say "Document No. XXX... " UCI is universal client ID, not the document number.
  3. Wish you Happy and Prosperous New Year :)

    I too have the same question but I am applying for an extension of work permit with the current employer. The question #4 says:

    If applicable, provide the document number of the most recent Visitor Record, Study Permit or Work Permit issued to you.

    UCI cannot be Document number. There is a Travel Document #(which is obviously the passport #) on the Work permit. Is this Travel Doc # the document number? Does anyone know about this?
  4. Thanks jes_on.. But in my work permit no where says "document no.xxx.. Or any thing like that..
    There is a box at the top of the permit where there is bunch of letters and numbers and right underneath
    There is another number starting with letter "U" but none of them says its document number
    There is also a file number section but thats empty..
  5. Thanks pckumar.. Likewise.. I know ..its a bit confusing right.. I am going to call the cic call center tomorrow
    But i doubt they will be able to help. Still doesnt hurt to try
  6. Movie, Did you get a chance to call the cic call center? wht did they say?
  7. Pls can send the CIC phone # and what office address you sending the application to.

    Thank you
  8. Pls can you send the CIC phone # and what office address you sending the application to?

    Thank yo
  9. yes i did call them...no satisfying answer. they asked me to leave it blank. i sent it blank
  10. cic call center#1-888-242-2100
    Address the envelope as follows:

    Extensions including:
    work permit extension,
    open work permit extension

    Note: an “extension” is when you are submitting an application for the same employer with whom you currently hold a valid work permit

    Send your application to:
    Citizenship and Immigration - Work Permit
    6212 - 55th Avenue, Unit 202
    Vegreville, AB
    T9C 1X6
  11. Thanks Movie. I am also planning to leave it blank. By the way what documents did you submit online for the following:
    1. Family Member Proof of Status
    2. Proof that you meet the requirements of the job being offered
    3. Invitation Letter

    Let me know if anyone else recently submitted extension of work permit online.

    I appreciate your response.

  12. The document numeber id on work permit.study permit, it is a letter followed by numbers
  13. Yes, I think you are correct. It is an Alphabet followed by 9 Numbers. Thanks Chandan.
  14. I didnt apply online. I applied by mail. the documents i sent is my marriage certificate, photocopies of passport pages for me and my wife, photocopy of my current open pgwp, job offer letter, latest pay stub and the print out of the AOR email.

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