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Need answer ASAP (Lost Old Passport)

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Nike1702, May 17, 2009.

  1. My wife got her passport request letter and it says to include any old, expired passports as well. But my wife lost the old passport in Aug/2008 and then filed a police report and then filed for a new passport in Nov,2008 after our marriage. My question should she just send the new passport or also send in the police report for the lost passport as well?
  2. I would include a copy of the police report to show that she di have a passport before.
  3. why did they ask for old passport since you have a new one, cause I have changed my old passport and have a new one with my martial status on it, and I have sent a photocopy of my new passport to them.
    I still have the old one, but in the lebanese law, I can't have 2 passport, I had must distroyed the old one, but I kept it for memories..
  4. Maybe it's something for the background check if they have travelled? That's something I've never seen yet.. good to know :)
  5. My husband's passport request letter also asked him to send in any old passports. He never had a passport before this one, so that didn't apply to him. I just assumed the request to send in your old passport was something that they asked everyone.

    To answer your question Nike, yes I would definitely mention the police report and send a copy of it.
  6. I guess you are right Boncuk, it is for background check and travel history, but I filled a special form concerning my travel history...the lebanese government won't like the idea that I still have my old passport, because they have asked me to distroyed..:))...yes I am a outlaw...:))
  7. I have the same problem. When I travelled to Lebanon 4 years ago and came back it was at the point to renew my passport. They issue the new one but never gave me the old one back. It shows my entry and my exit to Lebanon but no proof to be submitted. Would the visa office be able to track my entry in Lebanon if I had mentioned in my application and explained that I don't have it with me. Didn't know down the road I may need it to sponsor my husband.
  8. Lots of countries keep old passports when they issue new ones. Canada for instance! If your request asks for old passports, write them a letter stating that your old passport was not returned upon renewal. And in the first poster's case, write a letter indicating the loss of the passport and include a copy of the police report.
  9. Really?? I still have my old (Canadian) passport. I was never asked to return it when I got my new passport.
  10. LOL! They kept mine! So I just assumed...
  11. The police report was not good enough and was told that she had to go to the passport office and have them put a stamp and a comment about the lost passport in the current passport. Which my wife got done yesterday and was mailed via Blue Dart and should arrive there tommorrow. I Will keep everyone updated about what happens and thanks for everyones information.
  12. I got 2 passport backed so far.. first one in Canada with stamped in it (holes) saying expired the one I got back here from Egypt that I renewed had the corner cut through it. It's good to have for memories sake and also came in handy for immigration purposes
  13. That's good information to have Nike1702. Useful if another poster every has the same circumstances.

    Now you guys have made me jealous! I want my old passport back! LOL. I'm definitely not letting them keep this one then when I have to renew. It's got lots of pretty stamps!
  14. Do they keep old passport if it has been renewed more than 3 years. I wonder if it can be done.
  15. I was wondering, Since in Lebanon, it isn't allowed to have 2 passport, I still have my old one , because the officer was a little stupid, he returne it to me along with the new one, and I was stupid as well cause I didn't know that I should have to have 2 passport. But it is against law...even in Lebnaon we have laws..::) what a joke..
    So my question, if I get the passport request letter , and they ask me the old one, whould it be wrong to send them the old one, since I am not suppose to have it..?

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