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need advice regarding medicals

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by tony155, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. I have applied for PR to Canada in Jan 2011. i received medicals on 28 sep 2011. my son was born on Feb 2011 and it was informed to cic delhi with birth certificates and photographs and passport copy of my son to. when i received my medicals for my family they asked to complete all formalities and send all the papers before 11/11/2011. my son medical was missing. my lawyers send those papers back to cic Delhi and they told me cic Delhi will send it back to us with my son medical PAPERS. the last date to send landing fees and pcc ,medical is 11/11/2011. iam still waiting for medical papers. what should i do now should i send rest of papers without medicals because last date is approaching.
    do you think cic delhi will send papers with fresh deadline or they will continue with old date which is 11/11/2011.

    what should i do should i send my pcc and landing fees for myself and my spouse without medicals or should i wait for medicals to come. i have already paid the processing fee for my children.
  2. Hi

    Probably a fresh deadline. I hope you paid the fee to add your son to the application and amended your application to show the son.

  3. yes i have paid the fees and they asked me on my mobile to send photographe of my son which i already send them. should i send them police certificates and landing fees or continue waiting for fresh medical papers.

    I have saved the phone no from where they call me for photo. is it okay to call them i hope it will not work against me.

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