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My wife is going to apply for PNP under SINP(Saskatchewan)

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Eddie2455, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. My wife is in Canada on PGWP and I am in India. Unfortunately she is not able to find a professional job there but she will be eligible to apply for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) after 2 months from now( completing 6 (960 hrs)month of fulltime working in Sasketchewan). I also wanted to joint her in Canada. I also wanted to Joint her on her SINP application as a spouse and apply for PR together. I am In India and I want to Joint her as soon as possible. Should we apply inland or outland application for SNIP or PR. How should we apply together so that it will be easier and faster for the application processing time. Some says it is quicker to apply from outside Canada. Will it be quicker if we apply from India. Will she need to come back to India to apply together. I am also a bit worried about the passport and related document that need to be parcelled if originals are required in either country as we are not living in a single country. Can the Canadian high commission in Delhi can process the SNIP application. Please suggest and help us to united in Canada. About me I just completed my MBA from UK and looking for jobs. Supposing if I can apply together for SINP and got nominated, can I apply for open work permit or any work permit. If anybody is willing to help me, i will be happy to supply more details from my side if necessary. We are confused about how and where to apply together and how long will it takes. . I know it will be easy for a single person to apply for PR in Canada or Outside but this includes one more person who need a less time consuming process.Thank you for your time and waiting for response.
  2. u both need to be in single country this wud help u both alot but if ur wife leaves canada she wont eligible for spouse sponsorship.
    easiest way is dat u can apply for masters in saskatoon thru this u can enter canada asap or u can also apply under FSW, according to new law find ur NOC n apply further under FSW ur wife will provide assistance family member living in canada extra points for u..
    new law for fsw is fast..
  3. Thank you for your reply. Supposing I my wife get nominated for SNIP will I be eligible to apply for Spousal open work permit from India.After she got a work permit from CIC through SNIP. What are the ways if there is any.
  4. Also I wanted to know what are the chances of getting tourist visa for me as a spouse and applying for a open work permit once i reach there. Will it have any bad impact on her Permanent Residence application in future.
  5. Eddie2455,

    1. Yes she can apply for you on her PR application, and when she got her SINP nomination then either you can apply from Delhi or Saskatoon. If you choose Delhi she have to come to India for passport submission when they ask for passport. (generally about 8-10 month after you apply for PR).
    2. To enter Canada you can apply for spouse open work permit, only condition is that as she is on PGWP, she need job offer or job in skill A, B or 0 category. I am not sure what she is working as, but if it is under this category you can apply. Please do not try to come on visitor visa and then change status, It might impact your application.
  6. Well, thank you for ur time. I want to know that after getting nomiation can i apply for open work permit from India without having to wait for the whole PR processing time.. She is just working in a retail industry which is not a skilled job(Customer service and sale). Some says if she come to India she might not be able to to enter Canada after applying for PR from India (I don't know the conditions are).Her pgwp is going to expire on december 2012 and she is thinking of applying for work permit requiring LMO from employer or after nomination without LMO whichever is earlier. Also is it possible for her to apply for PR without me in Canada. Which one is faster,applying inside Canada or outside. What would you do if u are in my position. Please help me to fix this depressing problems. Moreover she is feeling a bit lonely as she does not have any good friend and relatives out there. She wants it to be a bit faster.Suggest me. Thanks again.
  7. I came to canada on a visitor visa with family (my wife and daughter) then converted my visa to student. My son was born here so he is a canadian citizen and he is 3 years old now. I came to saskatchewan on PGWP in 2010. My wife has open work permit. For SINP nomination, I included my wife and daughter's name in the application after completing 960 hrs. After 3 months we got nomination and I filed my PR application with nomination docs in canada in September 2011. I received my PPR on 21st april 2012.

    All you have to do is stay calm. Your wife will submit SINP application including your name in it. You will get nomination, no doubt. After nomination, it is your wife, who will file PR application including your name in it. The average time now is 6-8 months after you file your PR papers. Your wife have to file in Canada as she will get nominated and there are new norms which you will come to know while applying. (All files got to Nova Scotia now a days and then transferred to other visa offices, solely dependent upon CPP-Ottawa).

    You need to be patient and make sure that you have your Birth Certificates made and also include your marriage certificate while applying for SINP and PR.

    Feel free to ask any questions.
  9. Eddie,

    There is a change to the Saskatchewan International student category - If your wife studied outside the province of Saskatchewan, she has to now work for 1 year and not 6 months which was the criteria earlier. I hope this change does not impact your application. Please double check & make sure before you file the application.
  10. Re: My wife is going to apply for PR(Got PNP nomination)

    Good news for me, My wife has just been nominated with me as a dependent for SNIP and wanted to apply for PR in a faster way. I am in India and I want to join my wife ASAP. She is working in Skill level D in Sasketchewan(Saskatoon) and we were wondering what would be the best way to apply for PR. Should we consider applying it outland i.e., from India or inland from Canada. As we are seperated we want it to be quick.. Some says it is faster applying it outland and we also can appeal if rejected. If we apply from India how many times does she need to come to India to get the PR application process done if required. Or she can still be in Canada and she can get the PR in Canada. I am also hoping to join her as I want to apply for OWP as a spouse after we apply for PR.What are my chances of getting OWP. She wanted to visit me after she gets her work permit before applying for PR. She already applied just for her work permit. So my query is
    .1. Inland or Outland PR application?
    2. Chances of getting spousal OWP applying from India.
    3. Does she need to come to India again once we applied for outland if you suggest..If yes how many times.
    Please add additional comments to help me understand.
    4. Which one will be comfortable to apply and please suggest the way to go for PR application that will make easier for US.
    Thank you .
  11. Hi Eddie,

    When did your wife apply for SINP and what's the date of her nomination?

    You wife has the choice to ask CIO Nova Scotia to send her application to Ottawa or India when she mails her PNP application to CIC. For your part, I believe you yourself can apply for an open work permit as her dependant in India while the PNP papers are being processed wherever she decides to apply at.

    Thank you
  12. Peachie,
    Thank you for the answer, She got her SINP nomination on 7th January 2013 and she applied for SINP on 10th october 2012 by mail.
    May I also know the answers to the followings.

    1. Chances of getting spousal OWP applying from India?
    2. Does she need to come to India again once we applied for outland if you suggest..If yes how many times?
    3. Which one will be comfortable to apply and please suggest the way to go for PR application that will make easier for us?
    4.Which one will be quicker.
    5. Minimum amount of money as proof of funds. From my side as to apply for work permit and from her side for PR.(Not the fees)
    Thanking you again.
  13. Eddie, you can read up on this: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/manuals/op/index.asp
    Question:1-http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/helpcentre/answer.asp?q=199&t=17 Your wife is doing a D skill job right now, therefore you, the spouse, will be refused an open work permit. See attachment from CIC. You can still try to apply, what's the worst that can happen? you paid the fee nd you get denied or accepted.

    2 - Wife doesnt have to come home when she becomes a PR. She can go to a US border to come back in to Canada as an immigrant, or set an appointment at a local CIC office to appear and be given landed status. When she becomes a landed immigrant via those avenues, you can hop on a plane and become landed when you arrive. If she wants to spend, she can come home and return to India and then back to Canada with you. Both of you land together.
    5 - I'm not sure, I don't think you need to bring the required funds because she has a job offer and is working in Canada already. For your own sake though, to settle in Canada, you should be able to show and bring some funds. Ask the others to verify this
    3 & 4- http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/times/perm/provincial.asp. You decide which visa office you like as per the processing times

    Thanks for your response too Eddie. i believe it is true what every student has been talking about. SINP prefer to accelerate decisions on nomination when the applicant's post graduate work permit is about to expire as in your wife's case.
  14. I am in the same boat. Wife in SK, Canada and me in India. We both have SINP and we just applied for PR. Also her PGWP has expired and she has applied for her new WP.

    My wife is also in D category. Can I apply for a spousal open work permit ? CIC says my wife has to be in NOC A,B,O and then only I can apply !

    Pls advice !
  15. cic already told you anything. what advice do you want? let your wife work hard then get manager position.

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