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mpnp manitoba provincial nominee program

Discussion in 'International Students' started by canadasolutions, May 8, 2012.

  1. hi,
    I completed one year course in centenniel college in biotechnology april2012 and iam expecting one year work permit ,iam thinking to go to manitoba under employ direct stream work for six months and file for mpnp.
    my doubts are:
    1) i can work under direct employment stream
    2)the work i do should relate my feild of study are not for example if i work as a securityguard i will be eligible for mpnp.example:timhortons,Mc donalds.
  2. Hi,

    Presently, under MPNP strategic initiative,

    International Students currently working in Manitoba are encouraged to apply as soon as you meet the following requirements. Apply online to the MPNP under Option B: International Student Currently Working in Manitoba.
    Your education or training program must have been at least one-year long.
    You must have been working in Manitoba for at least six months with a valid post-graduation work permit.
    You have received a formal offer of long-term, full-time employment from a Manitoba employer.


    That job can be ANY job, not necessary skilled or related to your field of study.

    But, the sad news is..MPNP will end soon. As, the Federal govt. has decided to cut all funding for MPNP, and province alone cannot carry it for long. So, it may not be there..by the time you have completed 6 months in a job in Manitoba. I suggest.. you look for other provinces or CEC. Rest upto you.

    Best of Luck.
  3. hello need some help...
    I have done 1 year I.T Course frm Ontario, and hope fully i will receive i year post sec wrk permit, and i have decided to go Regina , SASk, because i have my cousin over there, he will arrange some job for me,

    but i m also worried abt getting Permanent residence in SAS, because i will get only 12 months wrk permit and i have to wrk 12 month over there as written on the web site, so i have to leave Canada after that, and i think iif my employer will extend my work permit, then the work permit i will get will be Temporary wrk permit not post grad wrk permit so, if i will work on that wkr permit that will not be counted as for my PR.....so i am worried about this .....
    IS there any other way to get PR in CANADA with in 1 year work permit....any agents ?
    Any HELP will be really really appreciated ...
  4. Hi,

    Yeah.. in Sask. province, as per recent change int heir rule, you will need to work min. 12months/ 1920 hours in any job, before applying for PNP. Also remember.. you may go there...and even if you get the job immediately...and work for 12 months..still the PNP nomination will take atleast 3-4 months (will take much longer in future with more number of applications). So, say on average.. even if you get a job in 1 month, work for 12 months and then wait 3-4 months for PNP nomination to come..you will still need minimum 17 months . So, anyhow your 12 months/1year PGWP will not be enough.

    Once your 12 months PGWP runs out, you will then have to apply for LMO and receive a positive report to stay on and get visa extension, so as to continue working and apply for Sask. PNP. But, the main problem is... if your job is unskilled, or not in demand (as per Federal govt or how they see it), getting positive LMO is difficult and TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE WITH UNSKILLED JOB (NOC C, D). So...if you don't get a positive LMO report, you will have to leave Canada. Considering this situation, ONLY go ahead..if you are sure, you are getting a skilled job which is in demand (so to be sure to get a positive LMO in future). Or else, opt for another 1 year full time course, complete it.. and then apply for PGWP , which you will get for upto 3 years...and then move to Sask. You won't have any worries of PGWP running out.

    This recent rule change in Sask. PNP is a big blow for all those who dreamed about getting a PR quickly via Sask. student PNP stream, after 1 year of study. Now, to be sure..to make it through Sask. PNP, one will need to do a 2 years course (if they are studying outside Sask. province).

    Best of Luck.

    ***Info provided is to the best of my knowledge, and to know more you may consult other sources too.
  5. thanks for the response...but u know even many people suggested me to take admission again but i am running through a big financial problem so i can't admission again...suggest me any other way, please i really appreciate any help...
  6. Dear Bakshim,

    As respected Tiger has mentioned, you are only left with option mentioned in his post to ger PR status based on your studies. PNP has been ammended specially to patch the loophole that was being exploited by students from all over Canada. My suggestion for you is to act fast as the rules will become tough with the passage of time. It will almost be impossible for students to get PR status in case provinces start accepting study related experience only.

    Other option for you is a refugee claim( if eligible) or marriage with Canadian PR or citizen.
  7. Thanks for the reply bro..but wht is refugee claim?
  8. Refugee claim means that your life is in danger in your home country and you can prove that you will be killed or seriously harmed if you return.
  9. What? You want to work as a security guard. You know you must be a "full time" employed in Canada to be eligible for PNP. And here, employers prefer to hire for such low skill jobs like security, dishwasher, prep cook, janitor only on PART TIME basis. They hire 2 to 3 guys for the same job. Each guy work for like 3 days a week/5 hours a day only. This help employer in saving money on other stuff like medical, dental, pension plans etc etc. So you see employers are more pain in ass stuff.

    And there are really NO shortage of low skill jobs in Canada. You can be employed all the time (part time only) in one or more work however all this work are really low skilled for which you do not need any qualification, skills. You can earn and maintain a life here. I will advise you to look for trade courses, really trades rock here. NO shortage of work for trades men.
  10. so can i work then in Canada and what can and can't a refuge do?
  11. Off topic! Do your research dude! :p Refugee regulations are posted on CIC website. :-*
  12. Hello, everyone!
    I'm applying to one of the colleges in Manitoba so to immigrate through International students stream (1 year of studying). But this phrase "the sad news is..MPNP will end soon" confused a little bit...

    Is that true? It means there is no sense to start studying? ???

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