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MPNP--Manitoba application track

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by jarla, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Yes, Tes, Im under Family Stream, my first cousin is the one who sponsored me.
  2. sobrang maarte po kse talaga yun company ng asawa ko..integrity issue and confidentiality daw..tsk tsk..pero sana po makalusot pa din kme for the kids' future..la na kse hope ang pinas eh
  3. Hi this is my current timeline:

    11 Dec 2007: Application received in Winnipeg (based on status check from post office)
    6 Jan 2008: Received acknowledgement of receipt with request for additional documents and temp file
    18 Jan 2008: Additional documents reached Winnipeg
    22 Feb 2009: Received request for additional documents with fresh notary inked
    1 Mar 2009: Requested documents reached Winnipeg
    18 May 2010: Sponsors interviewed
    17 June 2010: Received LOA (dated 20 May 2010)

  4. I see. Thank you for your prompt reply.

    I never heard or see any case like me in this forum. Most of them is support one person only. I hope that my sister and me could get nominated at the same time. If not, have to wait another 6 months to re-apply again.

    You too, all the best. God bless you.
  5. HI, Pinaylovely,

    Congrats...! now u got only 6 months processing... which is good news. I want to what addtl docs they requested and what are the points they ask to ur sponsor?

    Thnks ang goodluck.
  6. Hello Tesmanalo,

    Thanks Tess for remembering me... LETYIP group :) My cousin was interviewed June 15, 2010. I pray the LOA will arrive soon by God's grace. We see each other in the near future in Manitoba.. our new home! :D Let us continue to update each other...... .. God bless us.

  7. Yours, paulay tesmando, issah how r you guys? Any update on your application?
  8. dear esr and all, i am very well and hope u all r fine, i am still waiting for LOA, keep praying God bless all of us, best wishes
  9. hello yours tesmando paullay ang issah.. Just want to ask are u under mpnp family support so that we can track each other.. Keep on praying guys.....
  10. Hi LETYIP group,
    I think our waiting is almost over... I've noticed in the forum that approvals released this month were for applications submitted last November 2009. If you would notice the timeline, all applications filed in August 2009, LOA were released March; September filing, LOA were released April; October filing, LOA were released May, and now November 2009, LOA were released this month. So ours is on the way.... let's all keep our fingers crossed that we all get good news in July..... God Bless...
  11. hello lormac leytip group will traack each other hope that we will reciv our loa soon. Is ur daugther under mpnp which stream?
  12. Hello lormac yeah i feel the excitement already im working abroad and just cameback last may.. My contract will be finishing november and i think i will be going to renew as well... In the forum all the applicants last year got their approval less than a year so it quiet fast im jaz wondering if al of them under mpnp family support because if just only family support not under mpnp thats more faster as per my cousin... Keep on praying lormac do u haave facebook with u so that i can chat sometimes thanks anyways..
  13. Hi every one

    Just to check if any of you how recive MPNP certificate , submit his PR application to ABy dhabi office,
    Of so please share with me the time line.

    PR application submitted to Abu Dhabi office Jan 2010
    AOR recived march 2010

    Since then i didn't heard any thing from them
  14. I'm under Family Stream

  15. As per cic Abu Dhabi website, 30% of the applicants got their approval in 11 month's time. Processing is in between 11-16 months in Abu Dhabi.

    I did not receive my approval yet, but hopefully it's on the way (this coming month of July) and I'm planning to submit my application also in Abu Dhabi as I am a resident here.


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