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MPNP Application Batch 2013

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Tweety05, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. Oh, this is a little, but still a fraud! So, I do not recommend you to hide this fact about your brother in law in Alberta.
  2. It was sent directly to my home address (I am outside Canada) and it took 19 days.
    Once again lots of thanks for all congrats!

  3. 1. your friend need to provide you with a Letter of Support, you can ask him for the form. It will be better if there are two person who can provide this letter

    2. i think that if you will admit that you have a brother in law in Alberta, make sure that you have a strong /valid reason why you intend to ask support from a friend rather than your brother in law - just a suggestion..

    3. yes, it should be at least 6 months. before it is only 3 months. in my case, I already have my LOA and AOR from CIO, but my funds are still intact. Although, i tried to withdraw some then deposit some more coming from my salary. This is in order to prove that the fund is really mine . ( although, some were borrowed from my parents :)

    4. this is one of the main reason why Canada is asking the support of our friends & relatives who are already stable in Canada. There will be a point in our process that our sponsors (or even us) will be asked by MPNP on how we can immediately adjust to living conditions in Canada and up to what point can our supporters help us adjust immediately.

    anyway, this are just my opinion..i hope i have answered some of your questions... :)
  4. Ramcal, let me do some adjustments:
    Letter of Support? No, didn't hear about this. Settlement Plan 2 - Yes, this is exactly what your sponsor must fill for you.
    Ask him for the form? - No, SP2 automatically will be sent to your sponsor's e-mail, and you need only Settlement Plan, which is first part (second is for sponsor).
    Two persons - actually no difference how many persons will endorse yr SP. Previously you were need 2 persons, today - only one.
  5. Hey guys..
    I am also suppose to apply MPNP under Employer Direct stream.. but I dont see any online option where could I select stream like Family stream/General stream or Employer Direct..

    Please help.
  6. Hello guys, just want to ask if there is any issue with someone in another province to apply for the MPNP?
  7. @ All , the Tracking Sheet has been updated. And newbies' timeline are added. I pray we'll all have more updates iJn. Amen.
  8. Please enlighten me how to answer Question 4 in Schedule 4: Economic Classes - Provincial Nominees (IMM 0008-Schedule 4): Indicate the amount of unencumbered (by debts or obligations) transferable and available funds you have in Canadian dollars.
    I don't have CAD for the moment. Should I indicate only equivalent? Another question is what funds should be indicated: money on bank account, money I keep at home or the total sum of all money I have?
    And should I include any confirmation of available costs in application?

  9. Hello,

    Total all your money and then convert it to CAD. That is the amount that you need to mention on the form.
  11. Thanks for the answer. What about confirmation? I didn't see on the checklist I should include one. But looking through tracking-sheets I can see that bank certificates are still requested on later stage. Feel confused a little: on one hand I have to stick to the checklist on the other hand I am afraid to get refusal for incomplete information.
  12. Dear Mayoress,
    Your prayers on the update answered, my LOA (dated 12 Sep 2013) just came in on 19 Sep.
    I'm also hoping that the rest of you who are waiting, will get your updates at the soonest by God's grace.
    For me, it's phase 2 CIC application.
    Thanks, have a good weekend all...
  13. Congratulations!

  14. Whao! Congratulations.

    Timeline updated.

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