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MPNP Application 2012

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by biddukhan, May 11, 2012.

  1. Finally got my passport request. Glory to God.
  2. Amen!
  3. I am writing this message on behalf of one of my friends. My friend applied form MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program) and it is under process. He got divorced around 3 years earlier when he submitted his MPNP application. He did not mentioned about that previous divorce information on his MPNP application. Now he came to know that it might be treated as MISREPRESENTATION and is afraid. Could you please advise if that is true and he might have bad consequence on that?
  4. Hi siter_pakhi,

    Of course, it is misrepresentation. Now he can ignore and continue but it is risky. But if he can shows a good "reason" just tell him to inform CIC. It is better. Making a good reason can protect him and legal issue have lot of reason.

    Good luck
  5. Hi Khokon Vhai,

    Is there any possibility that CIC will enquiry about her previous marriage during background check even if he does not inform CIC volunteer about her previous divorce?
  6. Hi,
    I am new here and need help.
    Please I have some concerns. I have decided to apply to MPNP but before then, I had already indicated interest in Quebec skilled workers program. Without my interest in the QSWP, I have 575 points, but with it, I have 100 points subtracted from me. Should I just go ahead and apply stating that I have not shown interest in any other program.

    Secondly, I will like to know how long it was for you to go through the process for LAA to issueing of visa.

    Thirdly, Can one land in Manitoba and still relocate easily to some other province if survival is difficult? And if yes, how long do you need to do that?

    Please I would be happy to read your kind response.

    Thank you very much.
  7. God knows. If they check, I think they will check the genuineness of information only. CIC does not ask why it is happen or who he was?

  8. Dear Seniors, if anybody have idea on my queries, Please reply urgently.

    I am applying for Manitoba MPNP program and filling EOI, Facing below queries,
    1) My exp falls under two NOC in last 5 years(Previous: 3.5 years and Current:1.5 years), How can i apply for two NOC to get points(Points: 75) for 5 years of exp?
    2) what should i answer for ''WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT OCCUPATION'', 3.5 years or 1.5 years.
    3)How many full time of exp do you have in in last five years'', Is it related to occupation or total? because it is not mentioned about related to occupation? should i put 5 years?

    Plz advise.

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